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Freedom Flotilla: Lake Eyre to West Papua Press Release 09.04.2013

Uncle Kevin (Kev) Buzzacott, a Peacemaker from Arabunna Nation at Lake Eyre in South Australia and Jacob Rumbiak (exiled Foreign Affairs Minister from the Federated Republic of Occupied West Papua) have announced a new action of creative resistance against the apartheid of colonisation and destruction caused by multinational mining companies on Indigenous land in Australia and West Papua.

The Lake Eyre to West Papua Freedom Flotilla is a journey that hopes to reunite the history and peoples of a land that was once geographically and culturally connected.

Creative Sparks Program bringing New Hope to Karen Community in Wyndham.

A creative outlet, aimed at promoting positive community engagement and individual empowerment will be provided for newly settled refugee children in Wyndham in March thanks to Melbourne based NGO Aware.

Aware’s Creative Sparks Program in 2013 will build on the success of the program achieved in 2012 in partnership with the Werribee refugee advocacy and welfare agency the New Hope Foundation.


Paris (France) - Solidarity action for the migrants' struggle in Australia

On Sunday January 13th, a dozen people went to Quai Branly Museum, in Paris, where an Aboriginal art exhibition was taking place.

The text below was distributed there as a leaflet and a banner was put at the entrance, blockading the access to the Museum for some time. On the banner, it was written «L'Australie traque et enferme / Vive la révolte / à Nauru comme ailleurs», which means «Australie hunts down and incarcerates / Long live revolt / in Nauru and everywhere».

Call to Asia Social Movements Assembly in Manila

Building solidarity and strengthening our struggles to address the economic and climate crisis in the fight to change the system

Last September 17, 2012, in an inspiring expression of solidarity from the South to the North, more than 35 social movements and civil society organizations from Asia together with regional networks, international organizations and social movements, sent a letter to our brothers and sisters in Occupy Wall Street on the occasion of the first anniversary of their struggle.

The Judge is wrong - Tell it to Malala, to Soraya, to the many dead and tortured

Judge Stephen Scott during sentencing of an Iranian-Australian (to 14 years) for his role in assisting Asylum Seekers to our shores (others mistakenly ill-define this as 'people-smuggling') said that there were greater risks for Asylum Seekers fleeing by boat than there are in if they remained in the country they were fleeing from.

The sentenced man was jailed for his part in several voyages in assisting people to Asylum, one which tragically ended in the 2010 Christmas Island disaster where thereabouts 50 people drowned.


Let us remember Galang and Hei Ling Chau and other regional camps - and who stood up for asylum seekers fleeing the 'killing fields' and persecution

Let us honestly remind ourselves of the 1970s and 1980s in how we treated and resettled our Asylum Seekers, and who really stood up for them however let us not revise the past in some Camelot like myth as is happening by some and by others too young to remember, and by people ignorant of Galang and Hei Ling Chau and other like regional camps.

The hysteria around Asylum Seekers is deplorable and the result of perceptual modifications.


Asylum seeker tragedies predictable due to the Australian political landscape and migration walls - They did not have to drown

Gerry Georgatos
Basarnas, the Indonesian search and rescue agency has for more than a decade informed the Australian Government that it does not have the boats, nor the quality of vessels, or the resources to manage ocean rescue, and Basarnas has long asked Australia for provision of quality vessels and resources in order to assist in search and rescue and in order to monitor its ports for boats departing.


Government to blame for asylum seeker deaths as sea

RAC Press release 22nd June 2012 The possible loss of lives of nearly 100 asylum seekers feared drowned at sea between Australia and Indonesia was entirely preventable. The Refugee Action Collective places the blame for these lives lost with the Australian government and demands people smuggling is decriminalised to prevent any further loss of life.


Malcolm Fraser and Gough Whitlam, an alliance of views calling out to the Australian consciousness

On Jun 06, 2012 former Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser delivered the 2012 Whitlam Oration to the Whitlam Institute in Sydney. Despite the chasm of differences and political ambitions of Malcolm Fraser and Gough Whitlam they are both a far cry from the bottom of the barrel politics and personal ambitions of some our nation's contemporary crop of most prominent politicians.


RAC condemns Rob Oakeshott’s push for offshore processing of asylum seekers

RAC Press Release 15th March 2012 Independent MP Rob Oakeshott is attempting to get legislation through parliament that will allow asylum seekers to be sent to third countries for processing. Oakeshott has called on both major parties to support his bill.

The Refugee Action Collective has condemned Oakeshott’s bill as being anti-humanitarian and an attempt to circumvent the High Court ruling in 2011 that ruled the Malaysian refugee swap deal as illegal.