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International Day of action against Serco, report-back from Sydney.

On Friday 9th of March in response to a call for an international day of action against Serco, a corporation running government services from juvenile and adult prisons to immigrant detention centres, to army bases in Afghanistan, to speed cameras in Victoria, and soon the Sydney Ferry system.

Demonstrations were held in London, Perth, Melbourne and Sydney, where a number of cordinated demonstrations were held throughout the day.


To get the justice done, the splintered, shard-like "left" needs to coalesce

Gerry Georgatos

The compassionate left wing screams for social justice and argues for our governments and society's institutions to have a heart and help people from the bottom end up, and to desist with the proposition that they can achieve for the downtrodden by working from the top end of town and down.

The bona fide left wing is fractious and forever splintering and yet it calls out for groundswells of people power to coalesce in mass social movements which will give rise to cultural waves.

Kids in Leonora called by number, not name

RRAN activists have succeeded in gaining access to visits at the Leonora detention centre. After traveling the 800km from Perth, on Friday Serco and DIAC tried the usual lies to deny visit. "Nobody wants to be visited by you" etc. After much shouting and protesting, with unaccompanied minors and others in the centre joining in, Serco relented and there have been several visits this Saturday. The kids in detention even launched balloons with messages on them, some of which made it into the hands of RRAN activists.


Afghan mass hunger strike at Pointville


Frustrations over the Immigration department’s reneging on promises of community detention and bridging visas for long term detainees have spilled over to the Pontville detention centre in Tasmania.

Around 150, more than half of the Afghan asylum seekers at Pontville detention centre in Tasmania are now involved in a hunger strike. The asylum seekers have been in detention between 15 and 33 months.


Turn back the boats

The Opposition under Tony Abbott if they win election have a very clear policy to Turn Back the Boats.  This goes beyond the idea of off shore processing or temporary visas, it means refugees will no longer be able to land on our shores.  If anyone thinks that there is not a clear distinction between Labour an dthe Liberal Pary on this issue read this article.  The Liberal's are turning back th eclock and entering very murky waters, they will rip up work choices, aband


Concern for Iranian refugees on hunger strike in Broadmeadows Detention Centre

Refugee activists have raised concerns for the welfare of two Iranian refugees currently on hunger strike in the Melbourne Immigration Transit Accomodation centre in Broadmeadows, after one refugee, on hunger strike now for 6 days, was found lying by the fence.

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RAC media release: Robert Manne is wrong


“Robert Manne’s argument that the only alternative is off-shore
processing in Nauru is simply wrong. Any policy that starts with the
idea of stopping the boats can only lead to a conclusion that is
morally and politically flawed.

“Robert Manne’s arguments are of a piece with those of Gillard and
Abbott which both violate the rights of asylum seekers and foster
anti-refugee sentiments in Australian society,” said Ian Rintoul from
the Refugee Action Coalition.


Candle-lit vigil and performance for refugees in detention over Christmas

On Thursday, December 15, the Refugee Action Collective (Victoria) held a vigil and performative action to remember over 4,000 asylum seekers and refugees that will languish in immigration detention over Christmas. Supporters and activists, and passers-by helped to light the 4,000 candles and keep them alight over a few hours as musicians performed and passers-by stopped to talk to us about the issue, and sign petitions to stop the deportation of a Hazara asylum seeker, Ismail.


Gillard & the Australian government directly responsible for the tragic drownings off Java

Media release by the Human Rights Alliance Australia owns significant responsibility for yesterday’s tragic sinking of another asylum boat off Java and of the many drownings. Australia should assist in repatriation, counselling and compensation of and for the survivors. The boat was carrying Hazara and Irani refugees. Ms Gillard's push for Indonesia to criminalise those assisting asylum seekers in the passage to our shores is directly responsibly for this sinking and drowning, and for people's desperation.

Neither Indonesia and Australia should be criminalising the seeking of asylum and people should be allowed to map out their journey openly, to travel with various public assistance and in seaworthy boats. The Gillard government has manifest the desperation that gives rise to unseaworthy boats and passage under the cover of the clandestine.
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AUSTRALIA: CEASE DISREGARD FOR HUMAN RIGHTS! Change Immigration Detention Policies and Practices!

AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT, Hear the detainees! Better the lives of refugees immediately! There have been multiple detainees on hungerstrikes, insisting on truth and

freedom of information. The indefinite and uninformed detainment of innocent people is unacceptable, harmful and disregarding human rights.

The situation becomes more pressing everyday. Mental health is at risk and detainees are inlficting self-harm to scream out for attention. Three detainees have sown

their lips shut to express their protest! (nov 22, 2011 Herald Sun) There have been multiple suicide attempts.