To get the justice done, the splintered, shard-like "left" needs to coalesce

Gerry Georgatos

The compassionate left wing screams for social justice and argues for our governments and society's institutions to have a heart and help people from the bottom end up, and to desist with the proposition that they can achieve for the downtrodden by working from the top end of town and down.

The bona fide left wing is fractious and forever splintering and yet it calls out for groundswells of people power to coalesce in mass social movements which will give rise to cultural waves.

However, this fractious almost shard like left does not comprehend its own destructive patterns of behaviour. It refuses to lead by example, it refuses to unite, and its cardinal sin is it broadly wages fights in an unwinnable war against the top end, the powerful multinationals who don't even notice us, rather than fight for every individual injustice where there can be the flicker of a sliver of justice.

The left wants our governments to start looking after folk at the bottom end, our downtrodden, well then the left needs to advocate for every injustice of those at the bottom, and build up each individual justice into a legion of justices, changing the system from the bottom up.

I get bitterly frustrated when I see the paltry spread of left wing activists take on a multinational and in so doing disregard an individual citizen who has been pounded by injustice, and who in a vacuum of inhumanity breaks down, is forever lost, dies.

I get frustrated when I see one left wing group after another form and as if in delirium run its miniscule think tanks, self-aggrandise and achieve next to nothing. I get frustrated when I see one social justice group after another form itself in the name of some cause however strand those they were supposed to represent because all of a sudden they have to take on the unwinnable campaign against the near nameless enemy.

We need to coalesce the left, moderate the politics till the justice is done, and without fail represent every individual blighted by the predicament of injustice till the justice is done, and with each and every individual justice change the system, earn the mass social movement, and with cultural waves reach the top end of town having changed life for the better for all those along the way from the bottom end of town.

Cultural waves are born from sweat and hard work, from sacrifice pursuant of what is right, and one should not put anything between themselves and what is right.

We cannot continue to hang out people to dry who have been smashed by injustices, by discrimination, by racism, and pretend that the fight starts at and with the very top. That's not justice, that's madness, tomfoolery, vainglory and self-aggrandisement.

I fight for every individual human being coveted by injustice, and often we get somewhere, however that's what we all need to do, and coalesce in these fights and turn this marathon for justice into a sprint, and possibly redefine, with hope, what are now unwinnable wars.

I am exhausted in hearing from every splinter group 'united we stand, and divided we fall', yet the dividing is exactly what they have done and do.

To the fractious, splintered, shard like left I say to you, enough - enough is enough. Our days are numbered, they not need be wasted, and if we are prepared to struggle for the justice that flickers then the days and nights will come when the flicker shall be light and which will shine brightly, myriad bright and the common good shall huddle everyone.


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My eyeline catching the words "cardinal sin", I thought for a moment the article was about the church my first thought being "whats new".
Sorry Gerry.

OK, Gerry, your basic identification of a "bona fide left wing" calling for ad hoc coalitions may well pass, but the causes alone may well dictate the effort needs the formation by the allies in all the causes of an overall alliance.  

Surely there already have been enough badly ill-principled coalitions provoking causes against themselves - e.g., the Coalition of the Willing, the Australian Coalition to name just two - that leave more than a bad taste in the mouth of the bona fide constituency of the "compassionate left wing", to make pissing out of their politicalspeak little more than oxygenating their "brand".

Also, what honour is there among thieves ?

A modus vivendi that those who don't hang together hang together cannot pair any principled modus operandi, and especially one suitable to bind disparity in common movements into a coalescence of activists let alone for any effective duration aimed at more than the most simplistic self-interest.

What, if you can't beat 'em in their coalition, then join 'em and rebrand "coalition" as "coalescence", and what, to just confuse 'em, or tell 'em what the goddam truth is ?

As was better said elsewhere in more dulcet tones: "A rose by any other name ..." !

It bears reflection that the sweet savour of "a rose" also blinds to its pricks.

Although, true, there's more to it than a word, nevertheless the word is indispensable to success - that's why they so recurrently choose "coalition", like the "dog to its vomit".

A combination in a coalition for the special social justice ends you have specified therefore may not be the best of arrangements to seek to set up such a common endeavour, and especially by your own argument for it, where some concerned parties may be wanting to keep to their own distinctive principles relevant to their own causes.

Forging an initial overarching alliance around a set of pre-defined partisan interests could better secure the required foundation to unison over basic social justice as that would need to be invoked by all the parties.

Maybe a better modus vivendi for the "bona fide left wing" is to be found in political advice that would ensure a well principles modus operandi for the "compassionate left wing" around the long forgotten Murphyesque: "smell the roses, but don't kick against the pricks".

Those who don't learn the lesson of history are compelled to repeat that history !

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Patrick T. Byrt

I love the Patrick Byrt response, it poses real questions as to why the left is shards, too many who cannot be trusted, but I do agree with everything Gerry wrote, he is on the money

Gerry has described exactly what all of us in the left know, that it is shattered broken glass and it lets down everyone and everything that Patrick is describing too

Have a look at some of the wannabe lefties, the Socialist Alliance they do their own thing in their populist way in small numbers making themselves out bigger than they are and never explain the politic to anyone other than sell out as a feeder to right wing Greens

If the Greens are the left well then were friggin lost, they're maybe what Gerry should apply some of what he writes to them, the moderate compassionates but certainly not the left

the Socialist Alternative, the Socialist party, the communist party, solidarity collective, Marxist Socialist mob, all of them it's pathetic

at all the events and rallies we never get together, the Socialist Alternative always huddle up like they're about to play grid iron and everyone stays separate and the animosity is bad even though they gather at events to make up the numbers but each with their own spin on the issues instead of bringing everybody together like Gerry is writing

Yeah Gerry is right, Patrick is right but the deal is the left is broken glass and i can't see how the egos in control of the groups they have made so small so to better control are ever going to unite except in theatre events only

i look forward to the fiction of the future where we will not see banners from each group branding themselves almost bigger than issues and instead the banners will about justice only

Delvene and Ruth
Socialists without the brand of a club

too true to all my brothers, in the first place we need to come together and in the second place talk till we get it right but at all times brothers and sisters we need to be out there together not as coalitions but as checks against the system that has railroaded us for so long, now they are united in keeping us down!

too right Gerry, everyone can say what they like but left aint the left they're not even broken glass but grains of sand