Turn back the boats

The Opposition under Tony Abbott if they win election have a very clear policy to Turn Back the Boats.  This goes beyond the idea of off shore processing or temporary visas, it means refugees will no longer be able to land on our shores.  If anyone thinks that there is not a clear distinction between Labour an dthe Liberal Pary on this issue read this article.  The Liberal's are turning back th eclock and entering very murky waters, they will rip up work choices, abandon a price on carbon, and now the will Turn Back the Boats.  Shame on you Tony Abbott for your inhumanity to your fellow human beings.



Two out of three aint bad Tony.Abandoning a price on carbon is humane because it will not be taking money out of peoples pockets based on a lie, the Earth has not increased in temperature since 1998 that is the facts and no one can dispute it, the IPCC has lied and Tony knows it as he said "it is all crap" what you need to do is follow the money trail it will lead you to lying scientist that get grants to aid the government lie,the government will make money out of a carbon dioxide which will tax plant food and the air we breath out.And the banks have been able to make a new commodity out of nothing by setting up a carbon trading offset

It will be humane if he stops the boats because innocent children will not be put on these unseaworthy boats to die,it will also be fair to people that are in refugee camps overseas that have gone through the correct process to enter Australia and they will no longer be pushed further down the queue by a pack of queue jumpers that have the money to push to the front of the line by paying people smugglers.

Now for work choices, Tony this affects me and my family and they are the only people I care about and if you try to lower their standard of living I will fight you and your party to the end you will never get my vote.

Liberals and Labor are the same they will stitch us all but use different tactics whether it be work choices or a Carbon dioxide tax it's all about getting money off us they both stand for the same thing and that is sucking up to America and Israel,when we go to a election and the Government changes there is fuck all of a change to our way of life you have two parties that are the same we are fooled into thinking that is a democracy so all I can say is don't vote it only encourages them them.

pity they didn't turn the boat back that brought the likes of abbott anf gillard to this land or did they come 1st class by air as most do ?

John, Gillard came here on a plane from Wales I don't think it was 1st class but she went through the correct channels and got a visa.At that time the Australian government wanted skilled people to work in Australia so her Parents brought her here because she suffered from bronchopneumonia as a child, her parents were advised it would aid her recovery if they were to live in a warmer climate.Her father had the skills required to fill jobs in Australia, on his arrival he had a job to go to and did not go on social security like the refugees do his family could also speak English.
Tony Abbott came to Australia from England on a Boat his family moved to Australia on the Assisted Passage Migration Scheme ship Oronsay they also had the correct visa's to enter the country the trip cost his family 10 pound because of a labour shortage at the time.Tony's boat was seaworthy and no one on the ship threw their documents over board

Opon Abbott and Gillards arrival their loyalty was with Australia they did not hang around in their own groups they mixed in with the Australian people they did not try to stop us celebrating Christmas they did not complain about pork being served in fast food chains,they spoke English and they were not a drain on the social welfare. Why would you want to turn their boats back?John I think that is a silly statement I say that not as a insult just as a observation because I dont want to get my comment censored by indymedia just because I disagree with the rent a crowd LOL.

The voting system is rigged to keep the two big parties in power doing their insane adversarial dance.

If the system really represented the way the nation votes/has voted there would now be around 10% Green MPs in the house, to give just one example.

It works better in other countries where the major parties are forced to coalesce with smaller ones to win government. That gives new ideas and new activists a chance to influence national affairs.

So, rather than not vote - good idea! - vote small parties or independents - even better idea! - to show LibLab that we're fed up with them. It won't bring change straight away, but maybe it'll make them lift their game.

You are painting refugees with the same brush that other immigrants were painted with earlier last century. The truth is that these people have every chance of becoming valuable members of society. I have worked with some of these refugees. They are honest hard working people. Certainly some of them require assistance to begin with. They often come from very harsh environments. That is why they get refugee status. But Australia is a rich and good hearted society. We ought not to thumb our nose at helping others. Social integration takes time. But over time these people will become assets to our multi cultural nation. There is a clear difference between labour and Liberal on this. Liberal will turn back the boats. They will not allow the boats to come to shore. if they deem that any boat is too unseaworthy to be turned back those people will be taken to Naruu. This is not a humane policy.

labour has a very clearly and markedly different policy. Boats will not be turned around. At present Labour is looking into off shore processing. It wants to send up to 800 refugees to Malaysia. If this happened Australia in return would accept 4,000 refugees into our country from the deadwater of detention camps in Malaysia, who has no policy on settling refugees.

It is simply untrue to say there is no difference between Labour and Liberal. But the truth is that we do not live in a democratic society. If we did we would recognise one vote one value, and to be truly democratic we would have proportional representation, which means if the Greens have 15% of the primary vote they would have 15% representation on the floor of Parliament. This would be a step in the right direction to truly representative democracy in Australia. Of course heirarchial models of government tend to be unrepresentative. It is OUR job to make them representative, to create dialogue in the community, to demand better answers. Our politicians tend to be conservative by nature. So we can't expect them to listen to us. But if we convince ordinary Australians of our approach then politicians will begin to listen.

One way of doing that is through changing the laws of society, for example, on media ownership, presenting an alternative radio voice to the shock jocks, participating in forums like indymedia, etc. We can make a difference. It is true, parliament is not the best model of democracy, but it is all we've got. We need to make them change. But so long as a mad bastard like Tony Abbott can convince the Australian public that he is a legitimate candidate for Prime Minister we are failing to do OUR job. By arguing that there is no difference between Labour and Liberal you are basically doing Tony Abbott's job for him.

fair dinkum dave !
it was a bit of tongue in cheek you know , old chap !
I grew up with lots of poms and i can assure you , they like others tend to hang around together.
Nothing wrong with that generally unless gang mentality emerges ... or where whole neighbourhoods are full of one nationality.

This , unfortunately is the case here and these areas can be wealthy or poor , sometimes mixed ,which is usually a better result.

Personally, both my great and grand parents came over on boats but that does not mean i should or do agree with any immigration policy this day, charity should begin at home , lets see if gillard and abbott return the charity to the community that enabled them to be here ?? from what i have heard, seen and experienced first hand this is not so.

If they want to have a dog eat dog society then go back to england where it may be more acceptable among their peers