Kids in Leonora called by number, not name

RRAN activists have succeeded in gaining access to visits at the Leonora detention centre. After traveling the 800km from Perth, on Friday Serco and DIAC tried the usual lies to deny visit. "Nobody wants to be visited by you" etc. After much shouting and protesting, with unaccompanied minors and others in the centre joining in, Serco relented and there have been several visits this Saturday. The kids in detention even launched balloons with messages on them, some of which made it into the hands of RRAN activists. This is in spite of Serco efforts to block the line of sight to those within the centre by parking mini buses in the way. An old trick, but not effective. While visiting RRAN activists have confirmed that they have witnessed MSS guards, common bouncers, working in the centre with these children. They have also witnessed guards calling children by ID number, not name. This once again gives the lie to the assertion by government and Serco that they act in the best interests of the kids. This is child abuse. Any parent treating their child in this way would be charged. Chris Bowen is the legal guardian of these kids and is responsible for the conditions and treatment that they are subject to.



The allegation around the identification of UAMs at the Leonora APOD "by ID number not name" has been rejected by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship, news of which has been carried by other media. That said, it is reasonable that where people of the same name(s) are accommodated together, that names and (repeat and) additional identifiers be used. Where this applies, it is a reasonable and practical approach by the detention service provider so as to ensure accurate identification of those for whom they are responsible.