Brisbane forum: The War on Wikileaks

The release of millions of Stratfor documents by Wikileaks this week has shown the world the gross injustice being meted out on Julian Assange for his part in establishing the Wikileaks institution in an attempt to make democracy accountable.

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Nurses vs bossy boots Ballieu

Rank & File nurses here in Victoria Australia have now taken over their own struggle as their Union the ANF has been legally braked by "FairWork Australia" ...

8 am and 6pm daily there are community assemblies, meetings outside 15 hospital sites.
Check out the nearest one to where your live, study or work and bring family, neighbours, friends, workmates.

Ambos (ambulance crews) and Firies (Fire fighters) and other unions now regularly show solidarity community, class wide support for the nurses.


Get real with infinite love at the Sydney Mardi Gras debaptism ceremony.

Free Yourself Now!!!, an international apostasy action to liberate humanity from religious bigotry, aggression and abuse has been announced by Pope Alice. “De-baptise now. Love is my religion. Love is revolution. Free Yourself in preparation for the Upcoming Vast Changes for Humanity.” Pope Alice says.


15 Feb Occupy Sydney: Solidarity with Greece demo - consulate evacuated, 6 comrades arrested, 11 hours of noise outside police station

On Wednesday the 15th of February participants of the Occupy Sydney movement staged a demonstration in solidarity with the Greek revolt. Over the past week, Greece has been rocked by a General strike, the mobilisation of 500,000 people and massive rioting in the streets of Athens and other Greek cities,


Feb 1 & 2 Solidarity with Julian Assange of WikiLeaks Supreme Court, London

Sky Livestream of the Hearing

A Year of Standing Against the War and in Solidarity with Julian Assange & Bradley Manning.


- Background & Updates on the Extradtion to Sweden Hearing

- U.S. Military refers all charges against Bradley Manning to Court Martial

- U.S. Grand Jury on WikiLeaks


Honduras: environmentalist priest severely tortured by police

Honduras: Macuelizo, Santa Barbara

On 5 January 2012, hundreds gathered in solidarity with the priest Marco Aurelio Lorenzo and showed that Hondurans do not tolerate the continued persecution in the context of a coup regime

Priest Marco Aurelio Lorenzo is a recognised activist against environmental exploitation, defending the Merendón mountain ranges against corporate interests, as well as an advocate for the poor.

Film-screening of "Over the edge" + brief talk about the struggle against youth-prisons in France

Movie-screening of OVER THE EDGE
(directed by Jonathan Kaplan, 95min., USA, 1979)
+ brief talk about the struggle against youth-prisons in France

In 1978, more than 110,000 kids under 18 were arrested for crimes of vandalism in the USA. Over the Edge shows a teenage rebellion against all authorities. It's fiction but the story is based on true incidents that occured during the 70's in a suburban community.


New year's eve solidarity demo at Villawood detention centre

At midnight, as 2011 became 2012, a group of anarchists held a small noise demo outside Villawood Immigration Detention Centre with fireworks, drums, chants and a banner reading 'NO ONE A HOSTAGE IN THE HANDS OF THE STATE - FIRE TO THE PRISONS'. People inside heard us and answered by waving and shouting 'freedom.' Being able to communicate with people across these borders meant that, even though it was a small gesture, for us it was a beautiful way to start this new year.


Floating DVD Project - Strategies of Struggle From Below

This is a social project done through the sharing of an experimental documentary and the creation of an interactive space to engage with ideas that aren’t normally disseminated, in which people can connect and discuss experiences and their thoughts about various strategies of struggle. You can browse the site, stream or download the documentary, share your experience, read others’ experiences from around the world and debate ideas.