Anonymous press release on Libya: 21st Feb 2011

Dear United Nations:

Anonymous wishes you to act.

We are watching the developments in Libya and are shocked.
Shocked by the images we’ve seen.
Shocked by the things Libya’s Anons have told us.
Shocked by the fact that one man ignores the voices of his citizens and opens fire on them.
Shocked by the fact that even with generals and diplomats deserting, this man is still ignoring the will of his people and unwilling to accept their human rights

Activist Films Perth Wikileaks rally video: 29th January 2011

29 January a group of freedom of speech activists rallied to defend wikileaks. The rally was in response to attacks made on wikileaks and key people involved in it by various government organisations around the world, especially America (where some senior politicians have called for him to assassinated) and also Australia.
Video on Youtube


Perth celebrates the end of Mubarak

On February 13rh, after 18 days of unrest, local Egyptians from Western Australia joined others worldwide who have long opposed President Hosni Mubarak. There was drumming, dancing, singing and lots of sweet treats. It was a wonderful atmosphere filled with joy and laughter. Game over, Mubarak.

More photos by John Vidovich On Facebook


Sydney celebration of Egyptian revolution

In Sydney on February 12th, what was scheduled to be another rally in support of the Egyptian people's revolution against the hated Mubarak dictatorship turned into a spontaneous celebration after the hated dictator was toppled overnight. As on sign declared: "Congratulations Egypt - never underestimate people Power".
Photos by Peter Boyle on Facebook
Text and photo by Peter Boyle via Facebook


Julian Assange solidarity vigil - British Consul Brisbane 7th Feb 2011

Yesterday afternoon a handful of people held a vigil at he British consulate in Brisbane to mark the attempted extradition of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange. We held signs reading, "Free Julian Assange, Free Bradley Manning" and "In An Age of Universal Deceit Telling The Truth is a Revolutionary Act"

It was a bit of a disappointing turnout, but the vigil was not advertised other than by our email network. However the police must have been taking lessons form Wikileaks, because they knew all about it, and well outnumbered us!


Unions organising international Day of Action for Democracy in Egypt

The International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC CSI IGB) has passed a statement in support of the pro-democracy protests in Egypt, and called for trade unions around the world to join a Day of Action for Democracy in Egypt on 8 February.

Sydney solidarity for Egyptian revolution (Feb 5)

"Mubarak out now!", "Freedom for Egypt!", "Mubarak no! Gamal no! Suleiman no!", "No to the car tire and no to the spare!" were some of the slogans chanted by a lively crowd in the 6th Sydney rally in solidarity with the Egyptian Revolution to be held over the last week. The rally occurred in Martin Place on Saturday 5th of February.


Brisbane protest in "Liberation Square"

Around 200 people gathered in Brisbane Square today to show their solidarity with the people of Egypt. Protesters heard many speakers from the Egyptian community about the struggle for democracy and supporters also spoke of the significance of the Egyptian people's uprising to the peoples of the region. Mamdoub Habib spoke to the rally about his experience of torture at the hands of Mubarak's newly appointed Vice-President Omar Suleiman.


Egypt uprising solidarity protest Melbourne 4 Feb 2011

Estimates of up to two million pro democracy protesters gathering in Tahrir Square in Cairo Egypt in a "Day of Departure" protest demanding Hosni Mubarak step down from office immediately. Millions more gathered in cities and towns around Egypt. In Melbourne, a smaller number, about 500 people, gathered outside the State Library where protesters heard from a number of speakers including Kevin Bracken, President of the Victorian Trades Hall Council, Greens MP Colleen Hartland, and speakers from the muslim and egyptian communities.

Photos: Takver | Youtube video: Departure Day protest in Melbourne


Solidarity actions called around Australia to support the Egyptian revolution

Protest actions have been called around Australia and the world to show support for the Egyptian Revolution. Actions occurred on the weekend of 29th-30th of January in Melbourne - reports 1, 2, Youtube video ; Sydney report, Youtube video. Actions also occurred in many cities around the world. Protests have again happened around Australia on the 4th February in Brisbane and Melbourne and on the 5th in Sydney

Upcoming actions included Friday 11th in Brisbane and Saturday 12th in Adelaide.
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