Australian solidarity actions for Bradley Manning - December 17th 2011

On December 17th 2011, Bradley Manning turned 24 and his pre-trial hearing began. Bradley has been charged with a variety of offences that related to the release of documents and evidence of war crimes by the U.S. to Wikileaks. On this day an international day of solidarity occured and a number of actions occured in Australia. In Brisbane musicians played in solidarity in the Brisbane Mall. In Sydney a daily vigil during the pre-trial has been organised by the Sydney Stop the War Coalition outside the U.S. Consulate General in Martin Place. In Adelaide a small group gathered to sing Bradley happy birthday and to hand out information on his trial. In London, Australian peace activist Ciaron O'Reilly was amongst solidarity protestors outside the U.S. Embassy. Meanwhile Australin journalist Julian Assange will have the next stage of his appeal against his extradition to Sweden heard on December 20th.
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Peacefully protesting the CHOGM Business Forum

On the 25 October 2011, Julia Gillard along with the head of Woodside addressed the Gala ball at the CHOGM business forum at the Burswood Casino in what is to be the first of a week of CHOGM events and protests.


Philippines: PALEA gets support of Qantas workers, labor groups abroad

The Philippine Airlines Employees’ Association (PALEA) received the support of a Qantas labor union in Australia even as other labor groups abroad are staging solidarity actions. Similar to PALEA, Qantas workers are embroiled in a long-running dispute with management over job security, pay hikes and working conditions. Qantas flights have been disrupted by a series of strikes by Qantas engineers, ground staff and pilots.

Woman assaulted in eye by police – she tells. Doyle a "complete idiot”.

By Jack

Occupy Melbourne: Recording of innocent victims’ and eyewitness accounts from the middle of the crowd; sounds of the protest as ‘Occupy Melbourne’ is forced into retreat down Swanston St. Comments from the 99% who joined Occupy Melbourne on Friday 21 October to find themselves being attacked by armed police in riot gear and others on horseback.

By around 4.30 about 1,000 of them were being forced to slowly move North up Swanston St.
‘The monetary system isn’t working’ says Jonathan.


Australia and Asia occupy protests in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street

In solidarity with the Occupy Wall street protest that has been occurring in New York for the last 4 weeks, Occupy Protests occurred in capital cities around Australia and Asia today.

In Australia protests were organised in Canberra, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth, with some of these setting up occupation sites for overnight and longer. Australian Bureau of Statistics show that the divide between the rich and poor is growing with the rich getting even richer, according to this ABC report.

WGAR News: Upcoming Aboriginal rights events around Australia - 19 events from 16 July 2011

Newsletter date: 16 July 2011

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Event: 27 May to Sun 9 October 2011: Kalgoorlie, WA
Exhibition: From Little Things Big Things Grow
- Fighting for Indigenous Rights 1920-1970
Event description:
Event location:

Event: Thu 30 June to Sun 17 July 2011: Newtown, Sydney, NSW
Exhibition: Stars, Sky, Breeze, Trees
Photo artist: Jagath Dheerasekara

Assange faces court in London 12th/13th of July

Julian Assange is appealing is extradition to Sweden to face questioning in the politically motivated rape investigation. He was in court on the 12-13th of July. A judgement is due three weeks from this date. Assange has been the victim of character assassination and there have been many calls for him to be killed by high profile U.S. figures. There is plenty of evidence Assange's extradition is part of an attempt to ultimately have him extradited to the US where he is likely to feel the full wrath of the Empire, an Empire comprehensively exposed by WikiLeaks revelations. In the UK a small group of activists including Australian peace activist Ciaron O'Reilly have gathered in solidarity at the court and are having a public meeting. Disapointingly it appears no-one has organised a solidarity event in Australia to coincide with the court. Like other war resisters like Bradley Manning, Julian deserves solidarity as both a peace activist and champion of the free press.
Solidarity actions in the UK:UK Indymedia feature on extradition -- Turkish TV clip of solidarity action at court -- Ciaron's O'Reilly's account of the first day in court -- Supporters speak outside the court -- Ciaron O'Reilly's report on day 2 in court


Spirited Protest Marks 4 Years of Failed NT Intervention

The Federal government will “meet its Waterloo” in its attempt to extend income management, a plank of the NT Intervention, to parts of Sydney, protesters say.

On Saturday June 25, several hundred people took to the streets of Sydney to protest the “atrocious” impacts of the NT Intervention, introduced four years ago this week.

Social breakdown had accelerated in the four years since the legislation was introduced, Paddy Gibson, a researcher with the Jumbunna Indigenous House of Learning at the University of Technology Sydney(UTS), told the crowd at Town Hall.


WGAR News: Deaths in custody and Aboriginal incarceration rates

Newsletter date: 14 April 2011

* Deaths in custody and Aboriginal incarceration rates
* Muckaty Traditional Owners speak out
* Background to Muckaty Station nuclear waste dump
* Interview with Leanne Edwards from Lake Tyres Aboriginal community
* Background to blockade by Aboriginal women of Lake Tyers
* Northern Territory (NT) Intervention
* Background to the Northern Territory (NT) Intervention
* Other Aboriginal Articles


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