Australian solidarity actions for Bradley Manning - December 17th 2011

On December 17th 2011, Bradley Manning turned 24 and his pre-trial hearing began. Bradley has been charged with a variety of offences that related to the release of documents and evidence of war crimes by the U.S. to Wikileaks. On this day an international day of solidarity occured and a number of actions occured in Australia. In Brisbane musicians played in solidarity in the Brisbane Mall. In Sydney a daily vigil during the pre-trial has been organised by the Sydney Stop the War Coalition outside the U.S. Consulate General in Martin Place. In Adelaide a small group gathered to sing Bradley happy birthday and to hand out information on his trial. In London, Australian peace activist Ciaron O'Reilly was amongst solidarity protestors outside the U.S. Embassy. Meanwhile Australin journalist Julian Assange will have the next stage of his appeal against his extradition to Sweden heard on December 20th.
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Yes to free Bradley Manning, the truth should not be a crime

Exposing war crimes is not a crime. It is an act of courage. Manning and Assange are in solidarity with the liberation side of the anti-fascist fighters of second world war, which set a free press and a truthful journalism as the necessary goal to come into being. Free Bradley Manning and Julian Assange.

Workers of the world, unite!!

fbi/cia cowards directs brave young into unjust wars

See my reports on the out of control intel services and how they brutally control our bravest & finest young men and women.

The cia directs our young, brave men and women into useless battles and unjust wars, while the fbi threatens, arrests, imprisons, tortures and kills the soldier/citizen (whether decorated or fatigued) upon return home. Thus, no wonder *West Point and other military academies frequent my reports in search of an answer to this question, "Who will follow us into the next battle"?


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