Egyptian revolution

Call for international day of action to help save the Egyptian revolution and end military jailing

About a week ago Alaa Abd El Fattah was arrested in Cairo and abducted into a military prison. He is one of the best known activists and bloggers of the Egyptian uprising. He was called to appear before a military court to respond to trumped up charges to have stolen weapons on 9 October, to have attacked soldiers and to have called for violent actions. A call out for an international day of action has been made by the No Military Trials for Civilians Movement on 4 November 2011 in Egypt to occur on November 12th to defend the Egyptian revolution and end military trials. They demand the immediate release of Alaa Abd El Fattah and all others incarcerated in military jails. It would be great to see solidarity from the Occupy Movement in Australia on this day for our Egyptian brothers and sisters who have inspired us with their continuing brave struggle for freedom.


Solidarity actions called around Australia to support the Egyptian revolution

Protest actions have been called around Australia and the world to show support for the Egyptian Revolution. Actions occurred on the weekend of 29th-30th of January in Melbourne - reports 1, 2, Youtube video ; Sydney report, Youtube video. Actions also occurred in many cities around the world. Protests have again happened around Australia on the 4th February in Brisbane and Melbourne and on the 5th in Sydney

Upcoming actions included Friday 11th in Brisbane and Saturday 12th in Adelaide.
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worldwide protests


"Looting" in Egypt - press lies and distortions

Below is an interesting article by Hamish Chitt's which exposes how the Egyptian Government is behind what limited looting has occurred in Egypt. Much of the press is busy smearing the people of Egypt, who are engaged in a heroic uprising for democracy with stories of looting. The Age headline today is one example Anger turns to anarchy".

Sydney solidarity with the people of Egypt: 30/1/11

About 300 members of the Egyptian community in Sydney and their supporters held a rally in Hyde Park North on January 30. Join the next solidarity rally with people of Egypt and Tunisia: Monday January 31, 4:30pm, Egyptian consulate, 241 Commonwealth St, Surry Hills.
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