New year's eve solidarity demo at Villawood detention centre

At midnight, as 2011 became 2012, a group of anarchists held a small noise demo outside Villawood Immigration Detention Centre with fireworks, drums, chants and a banner reading 'NO ONE A HOSTAGE IN THE HANDS OF THE STATE - FIRE TO THE PRISONS'. People inside heard us and answered by waving and shouting 'freedom.' Being able to communicate with people across these borders meant that, even though it was a small gesture, for us it was a beautiful way to start this new year.

We made this demo to show our solidarity with people locked up, who resisted their imprisonment by tearing apart their cages from Christmas Island to Villawood in 2011. It was another year in Australia in which nationalist fervour about border protection meant hundreds of deaths, many people deported and thousands of people locked in immigration detention.

We also went to Villawood as part of the spreading worldwide tradition on new year's eve prison demos, in solidarity with everyone resisting inside and outside all cages.

The passion for freedom is stronger than their prisons.



As said in that communiqué, there were many actions against the prisons across the world on that New Year's Eve.

In France, fireworks in front of a youth-prison in Nantes and in front of a prison in Montpellier:

In Belgium, at least two prison have been spray-painted in Brussels:

In Germany, fireworks in front of a prison in Hamburg:

In Greece, demonstration and fireworks in Athens:

In England, demonstration in front of prisons in London and Bristol:

The Police should of arrested you for having fire works Who do you think you are breaking the law?Then when the Police use a heavy hand on you law breakers you cry Police brutality