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Monday March 26, 11:30 to 1pm at WA state parliament - Walk for Justice Rally

On the steps of Western Australia's State Parliament - please gather and bring everyone you know, everyone who will care - The Walk for Justice, from Albany (Friday March 23) finishes up at the steps of state parliament in a call for justice for Aboriginal folk whose predicaments are long drawn out, neglected, dismissed, lost to the cowardices of various prejudices and racisms shoved down our throats generation after generation.

Monday (26 March), 11:30am, West Australian State Parliament

It is a call for justice, your presence will be part of the call

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a coalition of deaths

by ray jackson, president, indigenous social justice association

will a coalition of deaths in custody equate to a coalition of activists to fight for them?

that question has been much on my mind since last monday. about noon on that day i attended a rally outside of the nsw parliament house to commemorate and protest a death in custody event. the rally only involved about a dozen people, including myself, and it raised little interest from lunch time crowds and even less from the nsw government or opposition.

Justice for Rex Bellotti Jnr an inch closer - new witness and calls for an inquiry.

During the last couple of weeks Indymedia Australia and The National Indigenous Times in its most recent edition highlighted the plight of a West Australian Nyungar family whose young son, the eldest of their six children, was hit by a police four wheel drive. There is no question that the police vehicle hit him however the acceptance of responsibility has not occurred – and within this journey various acts and stressors upon the family, are clear acts of various racisms and discriminations and some of these with their origin-of-thinking from within the many inter-generational stereotypes and other premises.Much has unfolded within the fortnight since Indymedia Australia featured on its site and The National Indigenous Times featured on its cover, and as its four-page centerpiece article within The Big Read the plight of the Bellotti family and their seeking of some justice, some remedy and closure.
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The ALP must breed a Petro Georgiou

I was sharing a coffee with Simon Mead, Secretary of the WA State Labor Party on the morning of the day that Kevin Rudd would enjoy his last full day as Prime Minister when I put to him a question that Simon would laugh off. Earlier that morning a trusted insider in the ALP told me that Kevin Rudd would be deposed as Prime Minister by the evening's end and that if he did not go quietly there would be a spill/vote the next morning. Though Simon and I met for other yarns I did put this to him in passing.

Blood on the hands of all Australian Senators. We will continue the call for a Joint Committee Senate Inquiry.

The Human Rights Alliance

The Human Rights Alliance, on this occasion led by its PhD Law researcher into Australian Deaths in Custody, will continue to urge Australian Senators for the need to call for a Joint Committee Senate Inquiry into Australian Deaths in Custody.

WGAR News: Updates on NT intervention, deaths in custody, Lake Tyers and native title

Newsletter date: 7 April 2011

* Northern Territory (NT) Intervention
* Background to the Northern Territory (NT) Intervention
* Human Rights Alliance calls again for a Senate inquiry into deaths in custody
* Interview with Lake Tyers Women's spokesperson, Leanne Edwards
* Background to blockade by Aboriginal women of Lake Tyers
* Greens table important amendments to Native Title Act
* Other articles


- Media Release

Australian Human Rights Commission:
Efforts in Alice Springs should continue for communities to thrive

The Human Rights Alliance is disappointed in The Greens and the Senate for watering down the call for a Senate inquiry into Australian deaths in custody

The Human Rights Alliance's Response to the Australian Senate and to the Greens:

Senate backs Motion Acknowledging Deaths in Custody: This is not Enough. We have called for a Joint Committee Senate Inquiry into Australian Deaths in Custody.

The Human Rights Alliance, and with apologies, has quickly crafted this Media Release to express our disappointment that our campaign for a call for a Joint Committee Senate Inquiry into Australian Deaths in Custody has been watered down to a Senate Motion acknowledging what we already know. This is attrition.


Killer cops must be arrested, charged and jailed for murder, no more cover ups!!

Below is an article by Nathan Paull from the Townsville Bulletin which extensively quotes Palm Island Mayor Alf Lacey on the indigenous communities reaction to the outrageous decision by the Qld police to not charge the police who sabotaged the investigation into Cameron "Mulrunji" Doomadgee death at the hands of police whilst in custody on Palm Island.


Remember TJ Hickey Rally Feb 14th

The family and supporters of T J Hickey, an Aboriginal youth killed in Redfern in the course of a police pursuit (another death in custody that was whitewashed), thought they were going to have a small win and be allowed to have a plaque commemorating his death at the spot where he was killed. But the police are objecting to words describing his death which were taken straight from the death certicate. The truth, once again, is forbidden! This was a rally and march (on February 14, 2011) in Redfern to mark seven years since this killing.


Queensland police continue cover up of Doomadgee's death

In another outrageous move by the Queensland Police Force, the Deputy Police Commissioner Kathy Rydners has been given the task of whether to discipline six police officers for their role in sabotaging any investigation of Cameron Doomadgee on Palm Island in 2004. The problem is that she has previously awarded bravery awards to two of the police officers involved in combating the protest on Palm Island which saw the Police station and Court House destroyed after locals heard that the results of Doomadgee's autopsy.