Defending Indigenous Rights

Sea Shepherd's Steve Irwin on its way to save the Kimberley's coast amidst allegations of sham politics to build the Gas Hub

Gerry Georgatos
The Sea Shepherd, Aboriginal Elders, Dr Bob Brown, the Australian Greens and Kimberley residents have condemned the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) report and recommendations on the proposal to give the go-ahead for the Browse Basin gas hub at James Price Point, and they described the environmental assessment process "as a sham."

"This report and (the) recommendations need to be rejected by the Federal Government. How can anyone expect the results of this sham of a process to be taken seriously?"


Sorry Day - Western Australia - Are we sorry? May 26

Sorry Day today in WA - May 26

and The Apology February 13, 2008
People are not the property of people

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd:
"Today we honour the Indigenous peoples of this land, the oldest continuing cultures in human history.

We reflect on their past mistreatment.

250 police in Broome to break up "Save the Kimberley" picket - hundreds protest at police station.

With the increase of between 140 and 250 extra police in Broome for protection of Woodside as they continue to do destructive investigations at James Price Point, the Broome Community thought it a proper thing to present a letter of concern to the Police and as it was Mothers Day as well, each Community member presented the police a flower. Images © Rod Hartvigsen - Murranji Photography
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Barristers stand up for Nyoongar Tent Embassy

Gerry Georgatos
Aboriginal barrister Stephanie Monck has taken up the cause to defend the rights of Nyoongar Tent Embassy. Ms Monck has contacted the chief executive officer, Peter Edwards, of the Perth City Council and notified him she is acting "on behalf of large number of Nyoongar people who are taking part in or supporting the use of Heirisson Island (Matagarup) for a number of purposes, including for a peaceful political protest."

Our Generation is a powerful and upfront documentary on the Aboriginal struggle for their land, culture and freedom

Our Generation is a powerful and upfront documentary on the Aboriginal struggle for their land, culture and freedom – a story that has been silenced by the Australian Government and mainstream media. Driven by the remote Yolngu of Northeast Arnhem Land, one of the last strongholds of traditional Aboriginal culture in Australia, as well as the voices of national indigenous leaders, historians and human rights activists, the film explores the ongoing clash of cultures that is threatening to wipe out the oldest continuing culture in the world.


Brisbane Sovereign Embassy: We need a 'Bran nu Dae'

National Indigenous Radio 23rd March 2012  Brisbane Sovereign Embassy, Musgrave Park | Location Map - Musgrave Park-- Interview ABC Radio 612 30 March -- Sydney Morning Herald: Pitching camp for a cultural cause - -
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The founder of the Aboriginal Tent Embassy in Brisbane says Indigenous people need to be heard on the issue of sovereignty. Musgrave Park in South Brisbane is the site of the third Aboriginal embassy to be set up across the country, with others already operating in Canberra and Perth.


Cultural heritage signs In country March 2012 James Price Point

In order to ensure that Woodside and all its contractors cannot claim ignorance as a defense to prosecution, the Goolarabooloo people in association with the Walmadan Protectors and the Broome Community NO Gas Campaign have erected Cultural Welcoming to Country and Informational Signs throughout Country.


“Stronger Futures will kill us”

The federal government’s special measures under the proposed Stronger Futures laws “will kill Aboriginal people”, a forum in Maningrida, broadcast by National Indigenous Television (NITV), heard from an Elder.


Nyoongar Tent Embassy - 1 Nyoongar Way, Mattagarup - the story to date

Police move in to smash the spirit of Nyoongar Tent Embassy

by Gerry Georgatos
Following Thursday evening when 60 police officers marched into Nyoongar Tent Embassy to pull down and confiscate tents, and which included an arrest, the Western Australian police force flexed its muscle once again on the Friday afternoon on behalf of the Perth City Council and the Barnett state government.