Monday March 26, 11:30 to 1pm at WA state parliament - Walk for Justice Rally

On the steps of Western Australia's State Parliament - please gather and bring everyone you know, everyone who will care - The Walk for Justice, from Albany (Friday March 23) finishes up at the steps of state parliament in a call for justice for Aboriginal folk whose predicaments are long drawn out, neglected, dismissed, lost to the cowardices of various prejudices and racisms shoved down our throats generation after generation.

Monday (26 March), 11:30am, West Australian State Parliament

It is a call for justice, your presence will be part of the call

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Rally against racist police brutality and harassment in Parramatta in defence of the Hickey family


Well done to all those who participated in or helped build today's successful rally in Parramatta Mall in defence of the persecuted Aboriginal Hickey family in Riverstone and against racist and anti-working class police violence more generally.

Tomorrow the five adult family/friends will face court for the resumption of their trial on the trumped up charges. We will again be rallying - this time outside Parramatta the court from 9am.