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Lac-Megantic disaster in Canada : The law of profit is the criminal!

The aftermath of the worst rail disaster in Canada for decades leaves at least 50 dead with many of the victims still unaccounted for. On Saturday, July 6 at one o'clock in the morning a train carrying crude oil derailed in the small town of Lac-Megantic in Quebec (6000 inhabitants), the fire and the explosion of several cars destroyed a large section of the downtown.

Australia: Union shuts down warehouse strike, imposes sell out

Reprinted from the WSWS By Patrick O’Connor 25 July 2012 On Monday evening, the National Union of Workers (NUW) shut down a two-week strike and 24-hour picket by hundreds of warehouse workers in northern Melbourne, at a Toll Holdings-operated distribution centre for supermarket giant Coles.


Picket of workers at Toll Coles Distribution warehouse begins

A picket by workers at Toll warehouse in Somerton in Melbourne began on July 10th. The workers are paying parity of conditions and pay as workers in other Coles warehouses. Workers at Toll are paid significantly less, do not receive RDO's, are forced to work on public holidays and suffer from poor health and safety. A Community Assembly has been called to back the NUW led strike. Differences in terms of tactics exist with many leftist groups urging support for the NUW leadership of the strike whilst the Socialist Equality Party is calling on workers to break free from the NUW and form independent strike committees.
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Brisbane transit worker on privatization, the Labor Party & injured bus drivers

Australia Brisbane Transit Worker On Privatization, the Labor Party & Injured Bus Drivers

David Matters, the assistant Vice President of Queensland Rail, Tram
and Bus Union talks about the attack on bus drivers and public workers
in Australia. He discusses the use of privatization to destroy public transit
and the targeting of senior and disabled workers by management to


Support the striking poultry workers at Baiada!

On Wednesday 9th of November, workers at Baiada Poultry began indefinite protected industrial action in their campaign for secure and permanent jobs. The campaign under the umbrella of the NUW began when every single worker in the largely migrant workforce at the plant has voted to strike The So far the picketline has come under sustained attack but held strong. Firstly the company employed 30-50 security guards. Then a picketor had their arm broken when a security guard tried to drive through the picketline. The company then successfully received an injunction banning all NUW officials from the picketline. The picketline is relying on community support to now succeed. Lastly on Friday night, 80 police officers rushed the picket line in an attempt to break it but retreated after the line held. Contact Workers Solidarity Network mobile: 0431445978 to find out how to help. Please come to Baiada Poultry (17 Pipe Rd, Laverton Nt) when you can: "nothing goes in, nothing goes out!". Occupy Melbourne Solidarity protest 15t November


Rally against racist police brutality and harassment in Parramatta in defence of the Hickey family


Well done to all those who participated in or helped build today's successful rally in Parramatta Mall in defence of the persecuted Aboriginal Hickey family in Riverstone and against racist and anti-working class police violence more generally.

Tomorrow the five adult family/friends will face court for the resumption of their trial on the trumped up charges. We will again be rallying - this time outside Parramatta the court from 9am.


Respect for our Poultry Workers: Safer Work, Better Jobs, Quality Chicken

This is a campaign aimed at building a better poultry industry, one that provides quality jobs for workers, and better chicken for families and communities.

The three main objectives of the campaign are:
Abolishing unethical and unlawful employment practices in the industry – these methods include sham contracting, cash paid workers, over-casualisation and piece rates.


MUA condemns Patrick for shutting down ports

MUA Media Statement 25th The Maritime Union of Australia has condemned Patrick Stevedores' action to stand down workers at its container terminals in Sydney, Brisbane and Fremantle.

MUA workers showed up for work at 6am in Sydney this morning, ready to work, only to find that Patrick had stood down the workforce.


UNITE is launching the 'Respect Workers Rights' campaign

UNITE is launching the 'Respect Workers Rights' campaign, focusing on Brunswick Street, Fitzroy. Many workers in the fast food, retail and hospitality industries do not receive their full legal entitlements at work. Recently, UNITE has recieved an increase in complaints on such basic issues as pay rates, workplace health and safety and bullying and discrimination.

In response, UNITE is launching the 'Respect Workers Rights' campaign to force employers to provide their workers with at least their minimum entitlements.


Update: Visy workers win dispute

Update December 17th 2010 - all charges have now been dropped against the strikers and the dispute has been settled with the agreement of the union. Visy has agreed to not freeze the conditions of casual employees - the major sticking point in negotiations.

This is a great result for a group of workers who stared down government and police harassment. Congratulations to all those in the community and other unions who stood by these workers.

Visy workers secure casual pay rates and vote to return to work - Dec 17, 2010