Update: Visy workers win dispute

Update December 17th 2010 - all charges have now been dropped against the strikers and the dispute has been settled with the agreement of the union. Visy has agreed to not freeze the conditions of casual employees - the major sticking point in negotiations.

This is a great result for a group of workers who stared down government and police harassment. Congratulations to all those in the community and other unions who stood by these workers.

Visy workers secure casual pay rates and vote to return to work - Dec 17, 2010

Workers Visy in Victoria, NSW, Queensland and WA have today voted to return to work after securing an agreement from the company not to freeze the pay of casual workers.

Print and packaging workers at Visy sites around the country began protected industrial action two weeks ago, concerned that a pay freeze for new casual workers would undermine their job security.

Visy management and the AMWU returned to the bargaining table on Tuesday after dramatic scenes saw AMWU members stand up against hardline tactics by the company in Victoria on Monday.

AMWU National Print Division Secretary, Lorraine Cassin , said workers were pleased the dispute was over and that they had been able to maintain casual wage rates.

“Our members stood strong and have achieved an outcome that they are happy with. During negotiations since Tuesday, the company also moved on the issue of money and we have been able to secure several improvements including delegates rights.”

The workers’ decision this morning means they will return to work on their next shift, insome cases tomorrow or Monday.