Support the striking poultry workers at Baiada!

On Wednesday 9th of November, workers at Baiada Poultry began indefinite protected industrial action in their campaign for secure and permanent jobs. The campaign under the umbrella of the NUW began when every single worker in the largely migrant workforce at the plant has voted to strike The So far the picketline has come under sustained attack but held strong. Firstly the company employed 30-50 security guards. Then a picketor had their arm broken when a security guard tried to drive through the picketline. The company then successfully received an injunction banning all NUW officials from the picketline. The picketline is relying on community support to now succeed. Lastly on Friday night, 80 police officers rushed the picket line in an attempt to break it but retreated after the line held. Contact Workers Solidarity Network mobile: 0431445978 to find out how to help. Please come to Baiada Poultry (17 Pipe Rd, Laverton Nt) when you can: "nothing goes in, nothing goes out!". Occupy Melbourne Solidarity protest 15t November

Background information

Baiada is a company that murders workers in order to maximise profits. In August this year, Sarel Singh, 34, was killed instantly when he was sucked into a machine and decapitated while working at the Laverton Baiada poultry processing plant. Singh is a casualty of a management that in its race to cut costs, has forced workers to clean machinery running at full capacity.

Baiada is also notorious for employing sham contracting, cash paid workers, over-casualisation and piece rates in order to undermine the job security of workers. Workers are demanding an end to unethical and unlawful employment practices in the poultry industry.

A National Union of Workers picket line in Pipe Road, Laverton is trying to ensure that not one truck leaves the facility until the workers of Baiada win all their demands

The workers need your support, show your solidarity with the 99% on the picket line!

Press coverage

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Campaign websites

Community Picket Facebook Page

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Footage from line after police retreat Friday night



I don't feel like chicken tonight.
Baiada is the primary poultry provider for Coles supermarkets. Baiada’s other major customers include, Woolworths, Aldi, Nandos, KFC and Red Rooster.

I find this article very disturbing, I am a anglo australian meatworker.

Australia is suppose to be a multicultural country & in this respect their should be anglo australians working in the poultry factory as well.

One day all the races of planet earth will all work & live together & be part of a multicultural planet, it does not matter what race you are, their should be equal opportunity for all people no matter what their race to work & live together. I find it strange how anglo australian meatworkers are either discouraged or not working in this poultry factory.

A multicultural planet should be made up of three sectors . . .

[1] The Green sector produces food. The God Saturn rules the Green Sector. Ruled by the Sun. Sacred symbol the cross.

[2] The Red sector works in Industry. The God Thor rules the Red Sector, Ruled by the Stars & planets. Sacred symbol the hammer.

[3] The Blue sector works in writing, mathamatics, design, divination, scientific investigation & classification & academic research. The God Thoth rules the Blue Sector, ruled by the Moon, sacred symbol the pentagram.

And their should be equal opportunity for workers to work in all three sectors based on merit & qualifications.