Respect for our Poultry Workers: Safer Work, Better Jobs, Quality Chicken

This is a campaign aimed at building a better poultry industry, one that provides quality jobs for workers, and better chicken for families and communities.

The three main objectives of the campaign are:
Abolishing unethical and unlawful employment practices in the industry – these methods include sham contracting, cash paid workers, over-casualisation and piece rates.

Workers rights’ – this is about building a working environment that fosters a commitment to Australian values of democracy and freedom of association. Interfering in peoples' work-lives by the coercion of members and delegates (or by other means), is disrespectful to workers’ rights. This is also about enshrining a safe work
environment for all in the industry – it’s a workers’ right to return home healthy.

Fair wage bargaining – is an Australian workplace right. Unlawful and unethical employment practices and attacks on workers’ rights like those found in many Australian poultry companies are not a path to fair wage bargaining, they significantly undermine it.

Our vision is of a poultry industry where all workers have better jobs and safer work, and all consumers have high quality chicken.

This is a campaign which asks a simple question: Do you care? If you do join the campaign on facebook or on twitter



Join a union you scabbs

If you had bothered to investigate the campaign you would have found out the National Union of Workers is running the campaign. See below:

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Tell us what you really think.

Workers employed by GKK Enterprises to work on site at Adelaide Poultry, owned by Baiada, voted to collectively bargain with the company yesterday! Go GKK workers! Send your messages of support here: