Nauru Govt Shuts Down Facebook


The government of NAURU is a disgrace. They have now shut down Facebook!

Opposition parties claim the government of Baron Waqa has ordered the local Internet provider to block access to social media sites.

MP Matthew Batsiu says the move is blatant censorship designed to limit criticism of the government.

Refugee activists have also hit out at the decision saying refugees often use Facebook to contact friends, family and journalists.

This article from Radio Australia features an interview with Batsiu:


Nauru: Anti Democratic, Anti Refugee


The government of Nauru is a disgrace.

It has arrested over 150 refugees who held a peaceful protest and has threatened to jail anyone who assembles in groups of three or more.

Nauru claims to be a democracy but it is clear it’s fast becoming a pathetic, tin pot dictatorship.

The refugees arrested are not those held in the detention centre. These are the ones who have been given official refugee status.

But they say they are being treated like second class citizens and don’t have freedom of movement or access to several basic services.

The President of Nauru Labeled a Dictator


Is the president of Nauru, Baron Waqa a leader or a dictator?

Five MP’s have been suspended from the nation’s parliament simply because they spoke to the international media.

The President supports the decision saying the MP’s acted in an “unruly manner”.

Now the Chief Justice has upheld their suspensions, saying the Supreme Court did not have the power to reverse parliament's decision.

One of the suspended MP’s Roland Kun is now openly referring to the current government as a dictatorship.

The ALP must breed a Petro Georgiou

I was sharing a coffee with Simon Mead, Secretary of the WA State Labor Party on the morning of the day that Kevin Rudd would enjoy his last full day as Prime Minister when I put to him a question that Simon would laugh off. Earlier that morning a trusted insider in the ALP told me that Kevin Rudd would be deposed as Prime Minister by the evening's end and that if he did not go quietly there would be a spill/vote the next morning. Though Simon and I met for other yarns I did put this to him in passing.