The President of Nauru Labeled a Dictator


Is the president of Nauru, Baron Waqa a leader or a dictator?

Five MP’s have been suspended from the nation’s parliament simply because they spoke to the international media.

The President supports the decision saying the MP’s acted in an “unruly manner”.

Now the Chief Justice has upheld their suspensions, saying the Supreme Court did not have the power to reverse parliament's decision.

One of the suspended MP’s Roland Kun is now openly referring to the current government as a dictatorship.

"When the current government first came into power the first thing they did was to ban the Nauru media from speaking to us, either on radio or on television” he told the ABC

He also claims the government shuts down parliamentary sittings when difficult questions are raised.

The Abbott government has a close relationship with Nauru due to its deal to keep asylum seekers there.

So far there has been no comment from Tony Abbott or the Foreign Minister Julie Bishop on the dictatorship claims.

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Nauru and Baron Waqa have censored the media before: