Climate Change activists step up opposition to coal in Hunter Valley from mine to port

A banner drop at a construction site for a new coal loader terminal at the Port of Newcastle in the New South Wales Hunter Valley ended when police instructed the 60 metre crane be lowered to the ground. The Protestors say they were not given warning of this action and alledged it imperiled their lives.

“We are dismayed with the actions of police here today.” said spokesperson Steve Phillips. “We conducted a peaceful protest, with trained and experience climbers, and safety as our priority. NSW Police responded with gross negligence and dereliction of duty, and placed two lives at risk. Our climbers were not even warned before the crane was lowered.”

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Climate activists do Banner drops in Boggabri and Melbourne against coal rush

Activists from Quit Coal were able to get a message across this morning: with a banner drop over the main entrance of the Victorian State parliament house. The banner said "'Coal is the single greatest threat to civilisation and all life on our planet' Prof. James Hansen, NASA. Why is Baillieu funding coal?" At the same time activists in central NSW at Boggabri climbed a coal-crusher and dropped a banner which said "Stop the Coal Rush: Protect Health, Water, Climate"

Carbon Tax tips the scales for Munmorah coal power station closure

Delta Electricity this afternoon announced the closure of the 45 year old Munmorah coal fired power station at least partly due to the introduction of the carbon tax. The power station is located on the shores of Lake Munmorah on the central coast of NSW between Sydney and Newcastle.

Reasons for the closure being cited by Delta Energy include the reduction in energy demand in NSW resulting in an excess in electrictiy supply, the aging nature of the infrastructure and the high cost of maintenance, and that "the carbon tax further erodes its viability."


Carbon capture and storage and the Melbourne earthquake

Melbourne: Did the earth move for you last night? It did for me. Melbourne experienced one of the strongest earthquakes for many many years. Now consider what it might do if we had a couple of billion tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2) geosequested beneath Southern Victoria and under Bass Strait. Because that is what Premier Ted Baillieu and Federal Resources and Energy Minister Martin Ferguson have planned.


First Declaration of the Hambach jungle

The Forest is now squatted!

A part of the Hambach forest has been squatted in order to save it from the excavators send by the giantic energy coperation RWE digging up the coal.
Alongside a cultural happening/fair in the woods (Waldfest) „Wald statt Kohle“ Forest, not coal! the squatting commences. Even though the
Under the slogan „Forest, not coal!“ („Wald, statt Kohle“) a festivity is celebrated in the forest. Alongside that happening the squatting has started, though both activities remain independet of each other.

Anti-work activists expose Australian secret agents and generally disrupt military and mining expo

On the 19th of March, the degree factory otherwise known as the University of New South Wales (UNSW), held their annual 'careers expo'. It is an event designed for those who engage in the process of learning as a means to securing their place in the pyramid scheme that is capitalism. The vast majority of potential employers hearken from the mining and 'defence' industry.


Victorians want Baillieu state government to act on climate change, clean energy

Most Victorians want more action on climate change and renewable energy from the Baillieu State Government according to a new public opinion survey commissioned by Environment Victoria.

The survey was conducted in late December 2011 and early January 2012 involving a series of questions to over 1000 people in Victoria conducted by Essential Media, a professional market survey company. The primary results show that 76 percent of Victorians expect the State Government to take action to reduce greenhouse pollution rather than leaving tackling climate change to the federal sphere of politics. There is also massive support for the implementation of renewable energy and energy efficiency programs, and just 22 per cent believe the 2km wind farm veto is fair.


Greenpeace activists say coal ship highlights 'Reef in danger'

Greenpeace activists targeted a bulk coal carrier in Gladstone harbour early this morning. They painted 'reef in danger' on the side of the ship around dawn from two inflatable boats to highlight the massive expansion of coal port facilities and shipping through the World Heritage listed Great Barrier Reef. The action was undertaken to highlight the threat to the Greet Barrier Reef from industrial development and expansion to a UNESCO team visiting Queensland to assess the dangers to the Great Barrier Reef and it's World Heritage status.

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