Anti-work activists expose Australian secret agents and generally disrupt military and mining expo

On the 19th of March, the degree factory otherwise known as the University of New South Wales (UNSW), held their annual 'careers expo'. It is an event designed for those who engage in the process of learning as a means to securing their place in the pyramid scheme that is capitalism. The vast majority of potential employers hearken from the mining and 'defence' industry.

A small group of activists registered for the event, in order to distribute some anti-work propaganda and make life a little more difficult for the companies that wish to prey on yet-to-be-disillusioned potential workers.

We entered the hall, intending to take some photos of the corporate scum luring young teenagers with lollies and free toys, before distributing our pamphlets with information about the destruction that these companies try to mask from their employees just as much as the general public.

While taking photos, we happened across two agents from Australian Secret Intelligence Service (ASIS), the organisation described as 'the CIA of Australia', and which trained Papua New Guinean troops to murder comrades fighting for independence in Irian Jaya and Bougainville.

At this point, our photographer was forced to leave to avoid surrendering footage, however we managed some quick shots of the spies, posted below.

The remainder of activists split up to distribute our pamphlets amongst the crowd of students, placing some alongside corporate propaganda in stalls, and passing the rest out to passers by. The flyer text is included in full below:


No one should ever work.

Work is the source of nearly all the misery in the world. Almost any evil you’d care to name comes from working or from living in a world designed for work. In order to stop suffering, we have to stop working.

Any simple attempt at research should be able to confirm this, from looking at the correlation between CO2 emissions and GDP; what drives the prison/military industrial complex; oppression of workers worldwide; right down to the alienation that each one of us feels when we are forced to spend our time in the pursuit of money instead of goals we believe in.

Just look in a little more detail at some of the motley crew of criminals with stalls for you today, links are provided to give you a place to start your research.

Weapons Manufacturers and Warmongers:
Today’s expo is littered with participants from the weapons manufacturing and ‘defence’ industry. The only government funded industry to expand at a phenomenal rate, even during the midst of the GFC. As of 2010, world military spending topped $1.6 trillion! (

Honeywell Ltd (
General Electric (GE) (
Australian Secret Intelligence Service; Intelligence@Defence; Defence Materiel Organisation (

Coal/Other Mining:
Uranium mining, contributing to the threat of nuclear weapons. Gold mining, posoning the land with cyanide. Coal mining, Australia’s #1 contribution to climate chaos. All of these companies trample on the land rights of indigenous people.

BHP Billiton (
Xstrata (
Peabody Energy Australia Pty Ltd (
Barrick (
Woodside (

Because without us, the corporations can’t exist.
Workers of the world, relax! Towards an indefinite general strike...



If everyone stops work tomorrow where do we get food from? it will take me months to grow food for myself but I will have starved to death with many others by the time it grows.And where will we shit because there will be no one operating the sewage farms, or do you think it will be alright to shit in the streets?.
Looks like University of New South Wales has some real fuck wits attending university and the Anti-Work activists top the list,How fucKing stupid are you lot?

There are a lot of things worth doing that would fail if implemented immediately. Itś easy to dismiss a one page introduction to a subject not often talked about and so fraught with untold misconceptions.

I hope you dont go to shops ,use water or electricity,Have a shit in the toilet,go to the doctor,use a telephone,watch television,or use a computer, because you would be supporting people that work and that would be bad right?

Has the penny dropped on how silly you sound?

I hope you dont go to shops ,use water or electricity,Have a shit in the toilet,go to the doctor,use a telephone,watch television,or use a computer, because you would be supporting people that work and that would be bad right?

Has the penny dropped on how silly you sound?

Dear Batshit-Crazy Hippies,

Just wanted to congratulate you on this highly entertaining article. I'm so glad I found this website because it's going to keep me entertained for hours...

Please please tell me this isn't a hoax, and you are completely for real, because the naivety is so goddam touching. I have had to double and triple check this isn't an offshoot of The Onion, but no it seems completely legit.

Thank you. Thank you so much. Please do keep up the good work. Loving every paranoid sentence.

Yours faithfully,

The Spirit of Capitalism

Great action.

The work that is being opposed in this action and text is clearly work under capitalism. A lot of this work is not essential; such as the manufacturing of unnecessary commodities, the maintenance of over bloated bureaucracies and corporations, the massive 'Intelligence' cults/organisations (that in Australia alone cost taxpayers billions of dollars per year - for the privilege of having our every correspondence spied upon).

Conversely, the industries and jobs that actually are of human value - nursing, farming, aged care work, child care - the work that actually keeps us alive and cared for, is all miserably devalued under capitalism, and much of it is unpaid.

There are other ways to organise ourselves and society then in the current structures where you can bet that your boss is making a hefty profit on your time, energy, labor and creativity.

Clearly the trolls above have neither the creativity to imagine the alternatives, nor the intelligence to educate themselves as to what people mean when they oppose work under capitalism.

Or maybe they are part of the massively over bloated intelligence organisations that are embarrassed at having been opposed in the smallest of ways. The organisations that employ hundreds of thousands of people and suck billions out of our economy that should be going toward education, health care, our own communities and children.

Firstly, well done for taking action at this event. I think the corporatisation of universities needs to be challenged, and the UNSW Careers Expo was composed largely of multinational corporations whose environmental and social credentials leave much to be desired.

However I think exaggerated terms like "corporate scum", "teenagers", "prey" and paranoia about ASIS do little but undermine the ideas you express and leave you open to ridicule, not to mention disrespect UNSW students by such references to their intelligence and power. There is plenty of research on the environmental and social track records of the corporations present at the expo and it wouldn't take much to back up the ideas behind your actions with some statistics. I doubt anyone would take seriously the references you do use under the heading SPLIFFS NOT JOBS! and I think you only do a disservice to the organisations that have compiled information on these corporations, as well as the communities struggling for autonomy over their lands by using such a farcical heading.

I agree with Kitcat. You have to consider the audience for these articles. It sounds like you're writing for an in-crowd of individualist anarchists. Step outside your subculture and the word 'comrade' is highly comical. I'm an anarchist but I find this article exaggerated and badly referenced. That said, I think it's great to have a presence at these events so good on you.

I'm quitting tomorrow! Monday,the second of April.

*yawn* Dunno about 'secret agents' and the like, but I do give a resounding 'moon' to the capitalists, workaholics, corporate lickspittles, whores of mammon, and anybody else that would asperse my indolence! I'm happily unemployed, and the merest dreadful thought of exploitation in a gulag is enough to induce profound anxiety, if not fantasies about painless robotic servants of the clipboard can collectively kiss my milky white butt cheeks....

Do you collect dole payments you know the money that comes from the people that work ? you are a hypocrite and all payments should be stopped milky white arse holes like you LOL.