Fukushima Disaster - One Year Later

Government lies, Tokyo radioactive, 3 out-of-control reactors. News from nuclear expert Arnold Gundersen to Vancouver conference March 11th, plus reports of citizen activism in Japan, as parents measure radiation in their air, food, and children.

Reports from Aya Marumori & Wataru Iwata of CRMS from Fukushima.

Bottom line: when disaster strikes (whether nuclear, hurricanes, floods, etc) - big government hides the truth, and will not help. We have to organize and act as local communities to survive.

Hiroshima Day vigil at GPO - Melbourne, 6 August 2011

Representatives of Japanese for Peace and ICAN held a low-key vigil on the steps of the old GPO in Bourke Street, displaying banners and handing out flyers for the afternoon’s Peace Concert at the State Library and postcards relating to the Future Fund’s investments in the nuclear weapons industry. They shared the venue with members of Women in Black also holding a vigil calling for peace in Palestine.


Thorium , clean , safe , cheap , mobile power for the next million years ,

This is the Tech talk that got me interested .

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I believe we must build this technology , the alternative is just to worrying


Protest at Ferguson's office opposing Muckaty nuclear waste dump

On Tuesday about 50 people gathered outside Federal Resources and Energy Minister Martin Ferguson's electoral office in Preston to say Don't Let Martin Ferguson Dump on Muckaty in regard to inflicting a nuclear waste dump on an indigenous community who do not want it. For 18 months anti-nuclear organisations & activists have succesfully kept Minister Ferguson National Radioactive Waste Management Bill from becoming an act. In April 2010 250 Traditional indigenous owners and anti-nuclear activists protested in Tennant Creek in opposition to the proposed Muckaty Station Nuclear Waste Dump.

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Missouri River floods endanger nuclear power plants - time for climate adaption

Large parts of the US midwest are experiencing heavy rainfall and flooding, not unlike what Queenslanders saw in December and January this year when Brisbane was inundated. A major problem with urban infrastructure on flood plains is the risk of innundation during flood events, flood events likely to become more frequent with climate change. In Nebraska two nuclear power Stations are threatened by floodwaters.

Nuclear waste legislation must wait until Muckaty landowners objections heard in Federal Court

The Federal Government should not try to pass legislation that would allow a national radioactive waste dump on Muckaty Land Trust in the Northern Territory before the Federal Court case opposing it lodged by some traditional owners of the Land Trust is heard, Oxfam Australia said today.

The National Radioactive Waste Management Bill 2010 is due to be debated in Parliament this week in the face of opposition from some Aboriginal traditional owners of Muckaty Land Trust who lodged the case with the Federal Court contesting the process used to nominate the land as a radioactive waste site.

Melbourne vigil for the people of Japan

A candlelight vigil in Melbourne on the steps of the GPO heard from people with close relatives caught up in the tragedy of the devastating earthquake, tsunamis and escalating nuclear crisis in Japan.

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Origami peace cranes cascaded down the old GPO steps into the Bourke Street Mall where many office workers stopped briefly to watch on their journey home.