Germany temporarily switching off seven nukes, may rescind longer running times

Areas directly endangered in Germany in case of a nuclear fuel meltdown in a German or near-border foreign nuke.

The emphatically pro-nuclear German government has ordered all seven nuclear power stations that began working up to the end of 1980 to be temporarily taken off-line.

After meeting with the premiers of states that have nuclear power plants, Chancellor Angela Merkel announced that in response to the nuclear disaster in Japan, the safety of all 17 German nukes is to be reviewed by 15 June.


Japan nuke crisis sparks rethink of nukes globally

“Fukushima is everywhere – We will get in the way,” says the yellow part, “Switch off all atomic installations worldwide,” says the red and white part. From a demo in Gorleben, a German nuclear waste dump.

The unfolding disaster of earthquakes, tsunami and nuclear meltdown in Japan has stirred up debate about the future of the nuclear industry while the Japanese government and pro nuclear advocates continue to minimise the situation. The nuclear situation is further intensifying the country's woes as thousands of bodies of tsunami and earthquake victims are being recovered.

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Authorities breach basic rights to enforce German nuclear transport

People have protested in more than 100 German cities against yet another rail consignment of nuclear waste as police and other authorities broke all kinds of constitutional rights to ram it through in wintry chaos to the Baltic seaside resort of Lubmin.
Four caskets (CASTORS) of waste, created in Germany but taken to France for processing, was railed through the two countries from Cadarache to Lubmin on the Baltic coast, right in the middle of a popular seaside tourist region.

Call for entries - Uranium Film Festival 2011, Rio: Aust films wanted

The URANIUM FILM FESTIVAL wants to inform especially the Brazilian and Latin American societies and stimulate the production of independent documentaries and movies about the whole nuclear fuel cycle, about the dangers of radioactivity and especially about the environmental and health risks of uranium exploration, mining and processing.The URANIUM FILM FESTIVAL will be held from May 21th to 28th 2011 in the city of Rio de Janeiro and from June 2nd to 9th in the city of São Paulo.

Choose Nuclear Free


Choose Nuclear Free is an initiative of the Medical Association for Prevention of War, the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons, and Friends of the Earth, Australia.

The website contains a wide range of resources − details of political parties' nuclear policies and an animated policy graphic; a summary of key nuclear issues; videos, cartoons and music; and election resources to help Australians to 'Choose Nuclear Free'.


Muckaty traditional owners visit office of Federal Resources and Energy Minister Martin Ferguson - 26 July

A group of Traditional Owners from Muckaty are currently in Melbourne in connection with a court challenge to Government plans to build a nuclear waste dump on their land. This morning they attended the launch of a billboard in Northcote funded by supporters of the Australian Conservation Foundation, and this afternoon they followed this up by joining members of Friends of the Earth ACE collective and others outside the office of Federal Resources and Energy Minister Martin Ferguson. They wanted to deliver a letter for the Minister, but the office was locked…

International day against multinational corporations - 22 July 2010

Joanne Dateransi from Bougainville was one of the speakers at a rally organised by LASNET at the State Library of Victoria as part of a worldwide day of protests against the ever-growing pernicious influence of multinational companies. She spoke chiefly about the history of mining giant Rio Tinto’s operations, and opposition to attempts by the company to resume mining.


Muckaty nuclear waste dump protested by traditional owners in Tennant Creek

250 Traditional indigenous owners and anti-nuclear activists protested in Tennant Creek on Saturday April 3 in opposition to the proposed Muckaty Station Nuclear Waste Dump. Anger was particularly directed at Federal Resources and Energy Minister Martin Ferguson, and to the Northern Land Council.


Proposed Muckaty nuclear waste dump no benefit to traditional owners

The Government has admitted that only 6 jobs will be created by the Nuclear Waste dump on Muckaty Station, and none of them are likely to go to traditional people. "This puts to rest the myth that somehow this waste dump will create benefits for Aboriginal people or the wider Tennant Creek community," said Senator Scott Ludlam, Greens spokesperson on nuclear issues.

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BHP AGM in Brisbane: protestors to oppose expansion of Australia's biggest uranium mine

Only 4 more days until the world's largest mining company holds its annual meeting in Brisbane...
The world’s largest mining company is coming to Brisbane this THURSDAY– and so are traditional owners and others who don’t want to see the land and human rights destroyed.
BHP Billiton will be holding its Annual General Meeting (AGM) at the Brisbane Convention Centre on Thursday Nov 26.