Calling all dumpster divers in Melbourne.

My name is Michael Budinski.

I am currently planning a documentary that explores Dumpster Diving in Melbourne.

I am seeking experienced Dumpster Divers who would be happy to let me follow them along on a series of 'dives', in addition to discussing why they dive and general Freegan philosophy.

Other than a general lack of awareness, there seems to be a lot of confusion among the general public as to why people choose to dive.


Uranium Film Festival brings Australian Films to Berlin

The Uranium Film Festival from Rio de Janeiro is traveling now to Berlin - together with several films from Australian filmmakers. Next October (Oct. 4th to 12th) the Festival will screen more than 50 "nuclear" documentaries and movies in the two cinemas Eiszeit and Moviemento in Berlin-Kreuzberg. Most of the films from all continents about nuclear power, uranium mining, atomic bombs, radioactive and nuclear accidents or about depleted uranium weapons will be in English, in German or with German subtitles.