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Young Victorians challenged to have their say for a sustainable future.

The Future Shots Sustainability Film Challenge is now open. www.futureshots.com.au

If you are living in Victoria and aged 21 and under, Future Shots invites you to create a short film (three minutes or less) that answers the question Sustainability: What’s it all about?

F.A.R.T. (Forest Art Renaissance Team) strike again

Forest Art Renaissance Team - Media Release 18.08.09

This morning, the Forest Art Renaissance Team (F.A.R.T.) pinned a banner the size of a double decker bus, that's equivalent to 19,047.619 cigarette papers, onto the billboard perched 7 storeys on top of the Fountainside Hotel on the way into Hobart's CBD.

"The banner read "Gunns' Greed = Climate Chaos" to highlight to those who are unaware, that in Tasmania, Gunns are a huge contributor to climate change, compromising the future of our planet for profit."


Win in Nigeria - Shell pays out

Oil giant Shell has agreed to payout $15.5 million to nine families of murdered environmental and human rights activist in Nigeria instead of going to court. Shell said they would pay for a “Humanitarian gesture”, and that they don’t have anything to hide. The director of Remember Saro-Wiwa said "No company, that is innocent of any involvement with the Nigeria military and human rights abuses, would settle out of court for 15.5 million dollars. It clearly shows that they have something to hide".

Wai June issue out now!

Wai is an independent quarterly newspaper focused on human rights, environmental and social justice. The third issue, the June issue, is out and on the streets around the country.

From illegal forest operations in Indonesia and PNG to irrigating the Midlands of Tasmania; from artists run intiatives in old shop fronts in Newcastle to community weekends in Melbourne; from reflections on those fighting against the expansion of the uranium industry in SA and NT to the latest paternalistic Indigenous policy in the NT are some of the articles that can be read in the June Issue of WAI.


Scientists call for protection of Victorian forests - world’s most carbon-dense

Scientists and the Wilderness Society have called on the Federal Government to urgently protect native forests in South East Australia as a method of locking up carbon, with new scientific research showing that the world’s most carbon dense forests are found in cool temperate climates of Australia, particularly the central highlands of Victoria.

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Thousands of donors rescue top Green politician from bankruptcy

Thousands of Australians have rescued Australia's top Green politician, Senator Bob Brown, from a legal bill that would have bankrupted him. He ran up the bill defending his native Tasmania's magnificent old growth forests against logging.

In a note of thanks for donations to court costs he said the action against him was "typical of the pressure tactics used by the native forest logging industry".

Here's the text of a round-robin email from him:

Dear Friend,