F.A.R.T. (Forest Art Renaissance Team) strike again

Forest Art Renaissance Team - Media Release 18.08.09

This morning, the Forest Art Renaissance Team (F.A.R.T.) pinned a banner the size of a double decker bus, that's equivalent to 19,047.619 cigarette papers, onto the billboard perched 7 storeys on top of the Fountainside Hotel on the way into Hobart's CBD.

"The banner read "Gunns' Greed = Climate Chaos" to highlight to those who are unaware, that in Tasmania, Gunns are a huge contributor to climate change, compromising the future of our planet for profit."

"Climate change is no joke, Gunns Ltd greedily turns our forests into woodchips to make paper, in Tasmania every week these piles in the woodchip mills are larger than the Fountainside Hotel." Said a F.A.R.T. Spokesperson.

"F.A.R.T. picked this billboard to illustrate the hot stench emanating from the Gunns machine that pumps thousands of tonnes of carbon into the atmosphere every year. Hence why the FARTists didn't stay there for long on this windy morning."

"Advertising doesn't come cheap, Gunns Ltd's profits from woodchipping Tasmania's forest tourism assets seems to get wasted convincing the Tasmanian people that cutting down our forests is sustainable; that and holding champagne parties on large yachts."

"Gunns' advertising budget is nothing like that of our F.A.R.T.ists, putting shame on Gunns for the money spent spinning the web of corporate lies to silence the truths. Webs woven by the woodchip barons that seem to control our ancient forests and our future on this planet." Said a F.A.R.T. spokesperson.

The F.A.R.T. is silent but non-violent and urges concerned citizens to visit their forests, before Gunns' greed decimates the last tracts of ancient wilderness left in Tasmania.

The banner is still 'reeking' havoc.