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WGAR News: Promising news for Kimberley, but industrialisation still looms: The Wilderness Society

Newsletter date: 9 March 2013


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* The Wilderness Society: Promising news for Kimberley, but industrialisation still looms
* ABC AM: WA Liberals promise national park on re-election
* Broome Community No Gas Campaign: Broome community calls on Shell to protect burial grounds and to intervene to stop Woodside drilling works
* Hands off Country: Bob Brown Speaking at a Broome No Gas forum
* Greens Senator Scott Ludlam: Together, we're fighting for James Price Point

Senate moves for stronger government action against the Japanese whaling fleet

The Australian Government has an official policy of opposing the Japanese whaling operation in the southern ocean whale sanctuary, but officially it is very quiet. Not so much as a peep from the media releases on the Federal Minister for the Environment Tony Burke MP or the Australian Foreign Affairs Minister Senator Bob Carr's websites. This is despite several ship collisions between ships of the Japanese whaling fleet and 3 Sea Shepherd Australia vessels that have already occurred near Antarctica in the Australian Antarctic Territory and in Australia's marine search and rescue zone.

Whaling fleet committed multiple breaches of international law, says Sea Shepherd Director Bob Brown

One of the Directors of Sea Shepherd Australia, Bob Brown conducted an interview Wednesday afternoon in which he called for the Australian Government to intercede directly with Tokyo over the Nisshin Maru ramming of 4 ships in the Southern Ocean and also called for an Australian naval presence to uphold international law in Antarctic waters. Bob Brown is a former leader of the Australian Greens and a former Tasmanian Senator.

To the beleaguered league from the future

by Christian Bentley

It is easy to notice that we have two Coalitions in this country, as the ever so observing Mr. Abbott so politely feels the need to whine about to every corner of Australia.

But who cares? Both are incompetent. Both are unwilling to change for the better. Both are old, both are obsolete, both are clueless, and both are so desperate to cling on to every and any form of power that they have left, so much so as that they'd sell their souls to keep it.


Thousands of donors rescue top Green politician from bankruptcy

Thousands of Australians have rescued Australia's top Green politician, Senator Bob Brown, from a legal bill that would have bankrupted him. He ran up the bill defending his native Tasmania's magnificent old growth forests against logging.

In a note of thanks for donations to court costs he said the action against him was "typical of the pressure tactics used by the native forest logging industry".

Here's the text of a round-robin email from him:

Dear Friend,