Tell me lies... Pinocchio joins campaign against Tassie forest destruction

Bryan Green got a surprise this morning - the Deputy Premier of Tasmania was fresh off the plane from his much vaunted trade mission to China and Japan, selling out Tasmania's forests, and he was confronted with a huge walking, talking Pinocchio. The Last Stand crew got together with the Huon Valley Environment Centre and Code Green to give him a warm welcome back to Oz.


Barnett kills numbats

The Forest Products Commission are currently attempting to decimate the largest intact numbat colony in our state at Warrup forest. There are more pandas in the wild in China (1600) than numbats in Western Australia (under 1000), and the numbat is our state fauna emblem.
"It is disgusting in this day and age that the Barnett government have scant disregard for our state emblem, which is on the brink of extinction. How will we explain to future generations that we stood idly by while the FPC destroyed the last major colony of numbats." - Forest Rescue spokesperson Simon Peterffy.


Victorian agriculture minister locks in logging of native forests

The Victorian Coalition Government have given a green light to their logging mates by announcing the expansion of native forest logging and locking in to place much longer native forest logging contracts.

In a statement yesterday Agriculture and Food Security Minister National Party MP Peter Walsh released the Timber Industry Action Plan. Under the plan Vicforests would be able to harvest and sell timber through supply agreements of up to 20 years, instead of the current maximum five year period. VicForests will also be given the right to sell timber in a variety of ways, including both timber auctions and other sales arrangements. And contract clauses will be written in to provide compensation if there happens to be a change of government policy in the future (as sometimes happens in a democracy).


Conservationists in tree canopy lead way for tiny Leadbeater’s Possum

                                  Conservationists in tree canopy lead way for tiny Leadbeater’s Possum

Logging has been halted today in the Toolangi State Forest, in the Central Highlands just an hour and a half north of Melbourne. 

“The forests of the Central Highlands have been decimated by years of unsustainable logging and more recently by bushfire. Any forest left standing must be immediately protected from logging”, said spokesperson for the group, Luke Pavia.


Conservationists halt logging across Victoria

Media Release                                                                                                                                           5/12/11

Conservationists Halt Logging Across Victoria


Conservationists are taking action across Victoria today to expose and hold accountable the Baillieu government and Vicforests for the ongoing destruction of threatened species habitats.



Rainforest Logging Breach: Protesters onsite at Survey Rd

GECO Media Release Monday 21 November, 2011

Rainforest logging breach:
Protesters on site at Survey Road

This morning conservationists have again halted logging in rainforest on Survey Road in far East Gippsland. Five logging machines have been cabled off to a treesit in the forest canopy.

“As if it wasn’t enough that VicForests had sent their logging contractors into a coupe containing precious old-growth forest; conservationists have now verified that rainforest has been logged on site as well”, said spokesperson Amelia Young.


Logging East Gippsland old growth forests destroys wildlife refugia in a warming climate

Environmental activists have been out in old growth Forests in East Gippsland this week attempting to stop more rape of our natural environment and protecting important refugia habitats for endangered species. Logging operations on Survey Rd on the Errinundra Plateau were halted by a tree-sit attached to five logging machines and suspended 40 metres up in the tree canopy.

"In the face of recent Baillieu government moves to weaken the Flora and Fauna Guarantee Act, conservationists have again taken their message to logging sites where important wildlife habitat continues to be logged for woodchips", said Ms Amelia Young, spokesperson for the conservationists of the Goongerah Environment Centre (GECO) (Facebook).


Tree sit stops logging in old growth forest on the Errinundra Plateau, East Gippsland.

GECO Media Release 14/11/11

Tree-sit stops old-growth logging

Conservationists highlighting the ongoing destruction of old-growth forests in East Gippsland have stopped logging on the Errinundra Plateau by attaching a tree-sit to five logging machines.

The tree-sit is suspended 40 metres high in the tree canopy and is held up by interwoven rope that is tied to the equipment.


Ya want Koala chips with that, Ms Parker? Whaddaya mean hold the quoll paste?

Media Release - Opinion - Environment updated
28 October 2011

Ya Want Koala Chips with That Ms Parker? Whaddaya mean hold the Quoll Paste?

By now everyone knows of NSW Minister for Environment and Heritage, Robyn Parker's Budget Estimates Committee alleged gaffe on Thursday 27 October 2011 that koalas are 'protected by logging'.

The "Logging saves Biodiversity" line is not unfamiliar. Forests NSW has run similar arguments frequently for decades. Take a look at this story they ran on ABC radio 6 days ago:



Logging of Victorian mountain ash forests increases bushfire risk

New scientific research published in September 2011 highlights that logging in Victoria’s mountain ash forests is increasing the risk of catastrophic wildfires. The cycling of logging and wildfire is creating a landscape trap where the wet forest ecosystem is being permanently converted to a new landscape replaced by other species, particularly wattle, increasing the frequency and intensity of bushfire risk.

"These changes will significantly impair ecological functions like carbon storage, water production and biodiversity conservation," said Professor Lindenmayer. "This is historically unprecedented and is beginning to dominate the mountain ash landscapes we see today."