WGAR News: CAAMA Radio - Alice Springs Rally Against Forced Closures of Aboriginal Communities

Central Australian Aboriginal Media Association (CAAMA)

Newsletter date: 8 May 2015


* CAAMA Radio: Speeches at the Alice Springs May 1st Rally Against Forced Closures of Aboriginal Communities

- Rosalie Kunoth Monks
- Trisha Morton Thomas
- Maurie Ryan
- Christa Bartjen-Westermann
- Harold Furber
- Chancey Peach
- Walter Shaw
- Marlene Hodder

WGAR News: Invasion Day / Survival Day Rallies and Marches Across Australia: NITV News; SBS News; Occupy Sydney

Newsletter date: 28 January 2015


* Video: NITV News - 26 January 2015: Invasion Day Marches and Rallies in Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane
* Video: SBS News: 'Survival Day' marked across Australia
* News: Occupy Sydney: Invasion/Survival Day Rallies Across Australia

* Hobart
-- News: Daniel McCulloch, The Examiner: Change the date campaign ramps up