Spread the word – vote WikiLeaks. WikiLeaks became the media, now we can become the government

Gerry Georgatos - September 1st, 2013 - We can change the political discourse in this country, we can change the political landscape. Next week, and despite it being unimaginable now, we can have a brave new Australia, a never-before-seen landscape, our national consciousness enriched. With less than a week to the federal election we have the opportunity before us to make this happen. The Senate-only party, The WikiLeaks Party, has three candidates in three States who are all close to being elected. We need your primary vote.

Queensland events: Sandcliffe Writers Festival + Ration Shed Tours + ACPA: Spirit of the Lore

Brisbane and Queensland Aboriginal rights events for your diary

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Event: Sat 31 August 2013: Queensland
Sandcliffe Writers Festival
Bracken Ridge library
"Indigenous Writers' Panels. "Aboriginal Men's Stories"
presented by novelist Sam Watson, poet Sam Wagan Watson,
and historian Joshua Walker. ...
"Aboriginal Women's Stories" presented by Elizabeth Engelbrecht
... novelist Sue McPherson ... and Aunty Ruth Heggerty ... "
Event details:

WGAR News: Upcoming Aboriginal rights events around Australia - 51 events from 29 August 2013

Newsletter date: 29 August 2013

WGAR events postings for each State and Territory:

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Event: Wed 28 & Thu 29 August 2013: Melbourne, Vic
Puliima National Indigenous - Language & Technology Forum 2013
'Language is culture, culture creates values, values are the future'
"Puliima National Indigenous Language Forum is a biennial
event aimed at bringing people together from all over Australia
to explore pioneering project ideas, exciting products and

Everyone in the Territory doing well except for Aboriginal peoples

By Gerry Georgatos - August 24th, 2013 - During Prime Minister Kevin Rudd’s recent whirlwind election stop in the Top End he highlighted the average age of death of the Northern Territory’s Aboriginal peoples – 52 years. This is the nation’s worst.

No truly free press with our inadequate shield laws, whistleblower protections

PHOTO Geoff Bagnall, National Indigenous Times: Journalist Gerry Georgatos at the January 26, 2012 Lobby Restaurant incident - days later he broke the story that the Prime Minister's Office was extensively involved in generating the incident despite their claims that it is was the work of a rogue parliamentary staffer.

By Gerry Georgatos, investigative journalist, WikiLeaks Party Senate Candidate, Western Australia

WikiLeaks Party statement on intervention in Syria

August 25, 2013 As the US prepares for military action in Syria, the reactions of Kevin Rudd and Tony Abbott are entirely in keeping with previous ALP and Coalition failures to put Australian military forces before their own party alliances with Washington.

Australia needs to send emergency medical aid to Syria immediately and assist an independent assessment of the situation. It must not rush towards sacrificing its young soldiers on behalf of an ambitious foreign power before the jury is in.

Whistleblowers needed when cultures of wrong-doing rule

Gerry Georgatos - I stand alongside those who let nothing get in the way of what is right, what is in the common good. I stand alongside those who will let no injustice go unheard, untold. I stand alongside Private Chelsea Manning who has been sentenced up to 35 years in prison for serving humanity's interests. Manning's decision to report to humanity was out of concern for humanity.

Manning should be relieved of the cruel and unfair burden of her prison sentence with a presidential pardon, and she should be acknowledged as both a patriot and as a true citizen of the world.


Queensland events: Jedda film screening + Sandcliffe Writers Festival + ACPA: Spirit of the Lore

Brisbane and Queensland Aboriginal rights events for your diary

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Event: 20 August 2013: South Bank, Qld
Jedda: A celebration of Charles Chauvel
"Come along to a free screening of Charles Chauvel’s most
infuential film, Jedda, to honour the Australian icon’s recent
induction into the Queensland Business Leaders Hall of Fame.
Jedda (1955), filmed in central Australia, tells the story of
Aboriginal teenage girl Jedda who is raised by a white
squatter family and desperately wants to learn about her
Aboriginal culture."

WGAR News: Upcoming Aboriginal rights events around Australia - 62 events from 17 August 2013

Newsletter date: 16 August 2013

WGAR events postings for each State and Territory:

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Event: 17-25 August 2013:
North of Broome on the Dampier Peninsula, Kimberley, WA
The Lurujarri Dreaming Trail
Walk the Trail with us in 2013
As of 14 August 13:
"17-25 August: fully booked"
"Feel free to contact us if you would like to
get some more information or if you would like
to register your interest for the Lurujarri
Heritage Trail 2014."

Against the Election Spectacle

Free magazine charting two years of global resistance to politicians and their political process

Download zine at:

This zine has been compiled by some anarchists from the colonised region known as Australia. This small project was initiated to contribute to a discussion on how anti-authoritarians should intervene in or disrupt the 2013 Federal Election.

We have included statements and communiques from a range of anti-authoritarian positions taken from counter information sites, from the insurrectionary to the platformist.