Ron Sutton

WGAR News: Health Impacts of Racism: Jenne Perlstein, ANTaR Victoria

Newsletter date: 18 March 2014


* Michele Harris, 'concerned Australians': Justice (Without Justice there can be no Reconciliation)

* Ron Sutton, SBS World News Radio: PM advised against Race Discrimination Act changes

* Jenne Perlstein, ANTaR Victoria: Health Impacts of Racism

* Rollback the Intervention: 27 March 2014, Alice Springs: there will be a march against racist policing and racist laws

* The Wheeler Centre: Black and Proud: Racism in Sport [Panel including Gilbert McAdam, Dr Sean Gorman and host Angela Pippos]

WGAR News: Aboriginal Law must sit on top of whiteman's law, because 'our Law is the Law of this land': SU

Newsletter date: 15 December 2013


* Sovereign Union: Aboriginal Law must sit on top of whiteman's law, because 'our Law is the Law of this land'
* Ron Sutton, SBS News: Indigenous Australians remember Mandela
* Let's Talk's Tiga Bayles interviews Aunty Lila Watson & Mary Graham
* Background to the Aboriginal sovereignty movement

* Upcoming Event 17 December 2013: Public monument proposal - 'The Freedom Fighters' Tunnerminnerwait & Maulboyheenner
* Community Radio 3CR Anarchist World's Joseph Toscano on the Tunnerminnerwait & Maulboyheener campaign


WGAR News: Pioneering myth of early white settlers branded a lie by historian Dr Timothy Bottoms

Newsletter date: 14 June 2013


* CAAMA: Frontier history revisited "A Queensland based historian has branded the pioneering myth of the early white settlers as a lie."
* Eleanor Gilbert, YouTube: Remembering the Frontier Wars - Anzac Day 2013, Canberra - Sovereign Embassy
* Brooke Boney, NITV News: Myall Creek massacre remembered
* Ron Sutton, SBS Radionews: Myall Creek: A massacre and a reconciliation
* The Inverell Times: Myall Creek remembered
* Sovereign Union: The Rufus River Massacre - Lake Victoria South West NSW