Newcastle Herald

WGAR News: Bigotry is not OK: NSWALC [New South Wales Aboriginal Land Council]: Tracker

Newsletter date: 30 March 2014


* Tracker: Bigotry is not OK: NSWALC [New South Wales Aboriginal Land Council]
* Deahnna Richardson, Newcastle Herald: Letter: We need to be free of bigotry
* National Indigenous Radio Service: Congress: Indigenous Australians biggest complainants of discrimination
* National Indigenous Radio Service: Mundine hopeful of changing Government's mind on anti-racism laws
* National Indigenous Radio Service: Soutphommasane: No reason to change the Racial Discrimination Act

WGAR News: Health Impacts of Racism: Jenne Perlstein, ANTaR Victoria

Newsletter date: 18 March 2014


* Michele Harris, 'concerned Australians': Justice (Without Justice there can be no Reconciliation)

* Ron Sutton, SBS World News Radio: PM advised against Race Discrimination Act changes

* Jenne Perlstein, ANTaR Victoria: Health Impacts of Racism

* Rollback the Intervention: 27 March 2014, Alice Springs: there will be a march against racist policing and racist laws

* The Wheeler Centre: Black and Proud: Racism in Sport [Panel including Gilbert McAdam, Dr Sean Gorman and host Angela Pippos]