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WGAR News: "Freedom Summit goes national and is now known as the Freedom Movement. The Sit-In in Canberra will commence January 26."

Newsletter date: 28 December 2014


* Events: The Stringer facebook: Upcoming Information Events: "Freedom Summit goes national and is now known as the Freedom Movement." [Includes Adelaide flyer]
* Events: The Stringer facebook: "Tour dates to hear about the Freedom Movement are coming together with Adelaide and Sydney organised, ... " [Includes Sydney flyer]

WGAR Background to the Aboriginal Sovereignty Movement

Last updated: 4 October 2015

Archive - Prior to 29 May 2014: Background to the Aboriginal sovereignty movement and the Aboriginal tent embassies:

People create own grand jury

A second sitting of a people's Grand Jury will be convened in Melton, in Melbourne's outer western reaches, on Sunday February 6 at 11am.
The purpose is to give expression to the lawful rights of the people and to provide lawful recourse for those who are denied justice through the Australian legal system that is controlled by a legal profession cartel.