People create own grand jury

A second sitting of a people's Grand Jury will be convened in Melton, in Melbourne's outer western reaches, on Sunday February 6 at 11am.
The purpose is to give expression to the lawful rights of the people and to provide lawful recourse for those who are denied justice through the Australian legal system that is controlled by a legal profession cartel.
The first people's Grand Jury was convened late last year in Werris Creek, NSW and led to three cases being identified for indictment. Information on those matters was presented to NSW courts for filing. If the courts reject these matters after being screened by the people's Grand Jury process then a people's common law court may be developed to handle the matters.
The Grand Jury process is being coordinated by a group calling itself Australian Civil Authority (ACA), and the Melbourne Grand Jury event is being organized by Michael Wood who can be contacted via
Address for the Melbourne Grand Jury sitting is "Delicious Restaurant", 350 High Street, Melton Victoria, starting 11am.