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WGAR News: Year in review - Indigenous affairs in 2012: SBS World News Audio

Newsletter date: 2 January 2013


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* Ian Thorpe and Jeff McMullen, SMH: As a society we must take action

Commemorating the indigenous resistance to invasion - Tunnerminnerwait and Mauboyheenner

Under blue skies and the towers of RMIT people gathered to remember two Tasmanian aborigines who were executed on this site in Melbourne on January 20, 1842. There is a growing campaign to acknowledge this forgotten history and to give recognition to Tunnerminnerwait and Maulboyheenner as freedom fighters resisting the invasion and European settlement of Australia.

Photoset: Commemoration of Freedom Fighters Youtube videos: Robbie Thorpe - Welcome to country; Joseph Toscano; Sharon Firebrace; Herman Wainggai; Adam Bandt


WGAR News: Alice Springs gathering resolutions; New Way Summit presentations (6 Aug 10)

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Alice Springs Gathering Resolutions
Media about the Alice Springs Gathering
Melbourne New Way Summit Presentations


Rollback the Intervention: Statements/Reports
Resolutions from the Defending Indigenous Rights Conference Alice Springs. 6-9 July 2010.
[Click on link to read statements] http://rollbacktheintervention.wordpress.com/statements/

Rock Against Racism

On Saturday 10th of July ‘Rock Against Racism’ was held at Trades hall, the night was held on the last day of NADOC week. The concert consisted of live music and comedians with proceeds going to the Aboriginal Genocide Centre. A highlight of the night was indigenous music legend Archie Roach accompanied by Dave Arden and his soulful set combined with the hip shaking up-beat songs of Dan Sultan and Scott Wilson. The night was full of talk of land rights, treaty the N.T intervention along with the need of Aboriginal recognition in the Australian constitution.


Australia 'a crime scene' and 'undeclared war zone' since white invasion

Australia remains an 'undeclared war zone' and has been 'one big hell of a crime scene' since the white invasion and needs a treaty between the colonisers and the Aborigines, a recent Aboriginal summit in Melbourne heard. Robbie Thorpe, committed activist on issues relating to Australian history, Indigenous sovereignty, lack of treaty, land-rights justice, genocide and national denial made the allegation.

"People have known that but don't want to recognise it. They don't want to recognise our humanity...they can't afford to...it'd bankrupt them totally and utterly."


They say "sorry" mate she'll be right - we say let's set all genocidal institutions alight!

222 years ago the conquistadors of the First Fleet issued an eviction notice to the Aboriginal people. Since then not a day has gone by where the first inhabitants of this land have been free from attempts to obliterate their identity and culture.


Second New Way Aboriginal summit: “Reject the names invaders gave us”

Goodooga, northwest NSW, 15 May 2010 -- Aboriginal political activist Michael Anderson (pictured) said today that the second New Way Summit held over the weekend of the 8-9th May at the Sydney University was very successful.

While it was very difficult for many people to attend, the internet is very effective at getting to a large audience, Mr Anderson said.


sovereignty, treaties, social justice

an interesting example of a civil disobedience action taken as an anti-olympic protest (the building of the bridge), the destruction of a sacred burial ground (during construction of the bridge) and the interference of the salmon runs and destruction of ancient fishing grounds due to the insensitivity of the canadian govt. and the builders.

there is even recognition of the downside (is there an upside?) of globalisation to first nations and other aboriginal groups around the world.

Lest we forget the war against Indigenous Australians

Dr Joseph Toscano writes on the commemoration of indigenous resistance and early Melbourne history and the need for a monument to the indigenous freedom fighters, Tunnerminnerwait and Maulboyheenner, who were the first judicial executions in Melbourne on January 20, 1842.

Update: About 80 people attended commemoration - Photoset | Youtube Videos: Bunurong Elder Carolyn Briggs - No tolerance for racism | Gunnai activist Robbie Thorpe - Australia is a crime scene | Tunnerminnerwait and Maulboyheenner 2010 commemoration
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