High School Hires Convicted Criminal As Mentor

Former Gold Coast LNP member Timothy Gear, aged 23, has been convicted of child sex offences and sentenced to 12 months imprisonment which has been fully suspended for 18 months.

Gear, former Elanora State High School captain, was convicted of two counts of trying to procure a child under the age of sixteen, after having plead guilty to posing as an adolescent online.


Toni Cavanagh, Kay Docherty, 'Angel' of Belanglo Forest: Could this man be responsible?

This video is worth a watch. Certainly this man, of whom I have some personal knowledge, is highly suspect. As he's over 70 now, police should act soon to interview him and get his DNA or it will be too late. There are at least two witnesses who have given statements to police regarding his serial killing spree and three other probable witnesses the police don't seem too keen to interview.

YouTube Video

Facial reconstruction of "Angel" by Dr Susan Hayes:


Scratching the surface of Mauritius's illegal fishing industry

The ocean that surrounds Mauritius on any given day is as tranquil and sublime from January to December. Equally you will find on any given day , ships rolling past far out as the eye can see, many of them fishing trawlers and vessels .

Underneath this visually serene facade an unbridled issue of illegal fishing which is going on out there in the vast Mauritian territorial high seas. A criminal activity that costs Africa per year over 600 million USD.

We are over-run by raping murderers

We are over-run by raping murderers: joining the dots on refuge & crime.
Or why we should fund the Loft & give child asylum seekers a safe place.
I'd so like to never speak of this again.
But the media is full of raping murdering parolees again.
Violent sex offending is a real conundrum.


WGAR News: Treatment not prison for our mob: NACCHO Aboriginal Health News Alerts

Newsletter date: 7 February 2013


* NACCHO Aboriginal Health News Alerts: Treatment not prison for our mob
* The Wire: Jail costs far outweigh rehabilitation
* Tracker: Jail should be a last resort for non-violent offenders: report
* AHRC: Social Justice Commissioner welcomes new report
* Greens Senators Rachel Siewert & Penny Wright: Drug and alcohol treatments to reduce crime, boost health
* NITV News: Minister backs calls for Indigenous offenders' rehab
* Let's Talk's Tiga Bayles interviews Gino Vumbaca & John Heron


Australia 'a crime scene' and 'undeclared war zone' since white invasion

Australia remains an 'undeclared war zone' and has been 'one big hell of a crime scene' since the white invasion and needs a treaty between the colonisers and the Aborigines, a recent Aboriginal summit in Melbourne heard. Robbie Thorpe, committed activist on issues relating to Australian history, Indigenous sovereignty, lack of treaty, land-rights justice, genocide and national denial made the allegation.

"People have known that but don't want to recognise it. They don't want to recognise our humanity...they can't afford'd bankrupt them totally and utterly."


Who wants to know the truth about Piles Creek Somersby?

Five people died in Piles Creek Somersby. They died because Gosford City Council failed to repair and maintain those corrugated steel culvert pipes which it became responsible for maintaining when the road became councils responsibility. The latest news is two eight foot diameter steel pipes in the upper reaches of Mooney Mooney Creek where it runs beneath Peats Ridge Road. These two pipes have been lined with concrete twice to protect the bottom of the pipes from rotting away with rust.