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Alice Springs Gathering Resolutions
Media about the Alice Springs Gathering
Melbourne New Way Summit Presentations


Rollback the Intervention: Statements/Reports
Resolutions from the Defending Indigenous Rights Conference Alice Springs. 6-9 July 2010.
[Click on link to read statements] http://rollbacktheintervention.wordpress.com/statements/
"We the people in attendance at the Defending Indigenous Rights conference held in Alice Springs from the 6-9th July 2010 stand in solidarity with Aboriginal people of the Northern Territory to condemn the NT Intervention. We call on all political parties to call for the abolition of the NT Emergency Response legislation and return rights of self determination and restore control over Traditional lands, including remote communities, homelands, and town camps. ...
1. Women’s Statement ...
2. Worse than Workchoices: Exploitation of Aboriginal workers must stop! Jobs with Justice now. ...
3. No to Radioactive Racism ...
4. Defend Aboriginal Languages – Scrap the Bi-Lingual Education Ban ...
5. Indigenous Media and Media Representation ... "


- Background

Defending Indigenous Rights Land~Law~Culture
July 6-9 in Mparntwe-Alice Springs

- Radio

CAAMA Radio (Central Australian Aboriginal Media Association):
Defending Indigenous Rights Conference Interview
8 Jul 10

- Video

ABC: Calls to end federal intervention
6 Jul 10: "Indigenous people from around Australia have met in Alice Springs to call on Prime Minister Julia Gillard to end welfare quarantining and the Basics Card which they label discriminatory."

- News

Green Left: Justice Ride revs up activists
25 Jul 10: "On July 15, 25 Justice Ride participants returned from their trip across Queensland to Alice Springs for the Defending Indigenous Rights convergence over July 6-9. The trip to Alice Springs took four days each way, so there was plenty of time for us
to get to know each other, discuss local Aboriginal rights campaigns, such as those against black deaths in custody, and take in Australia’s beautiful and ancient landscape."

Green Left: Alice Springs convergence condemns NT intervention
10 Jul 10: "More than 200 people gathered at the Yirara College in Alice Springs over July 6-9 for a conference entitled Defending Indigenous Rights: Land, Law, Culture Convergence. ... Aboriginal community leaders such as Harry Nelson, Murray George, Barb Shaw, Uncle Kevin Buzzacott and Richard Downs — along with many others — addressed and facilitated forums covering the full scope of attacks on Aboriginal people, their land, culture and language."

Green Left: On the solidarity bus
10 Jul 10: "On June 30, 31 mainly young activists set off from around NSW in an old converted school bus, for the “Indigenous Solidarity Rides” heading to an Aboriginal rights convergence in Alice Springs over July 6-11. At the same time, 25 activists from Brisbane headed to the convergence, also in a bus, as part of the “Justice Ride”."

Green Left: Students slime nuclear scumbags
10 Jul 10: "About 250 people attended the Students of Sustainability (SoS) conference at Flinders University in Adelaide over July 4-8. A highlight of the conference was the attendance of the Indegenous Solidarity Rides bus full of passengers on their way from Newcastle to the convergence at Alice Springs."

ABC: First Nations party wants Macklin to resign
9 Jul 10: "A crowd of at least 200 people gathered in the Alice Springs Todd Mall to demand the immediate roll back of the federal intervention in the Northern Territory. ... The rally is part of the "Four Days in July" conference, which has been held in Alice Springs this week."

Koori Mail: Campaigners converge on Alice
[scroll down page] http://www.koorimail.com/index.php
8 Jul 10: "INDIGENOUS rights campaigners and supporters have converged on Alice Springs for the Defending Indigenous Rights Conference at Yirara College. Issues on the agenda include the Northern Territory Intervention, bilingual education, imprisonment rates of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and the impacts of uranium mining on Aboriginal land. The conference finishes tomorrow with a public rally."

SMH: Students hear NT anti-intervention talks
8 Jul 10: "Busloads of university students converged on Alice Springs to support indigenous people seeking an end to the federal government's intervention in the Northern Territory. Students from Queensland, NSW and South Australia travelled to central Australia this week for a meeting on the Northern Territory Emergency Response, more commonly known as the intervention, and its effects on Aborigines."

ABC: Forum to discuss NT intervention 'apartheid'
6 Jul 10: "The federal intervention in the Northern Territory is expected to come under fire at a forum starting in Alice Springs today. The "Defending Indigenous Rights" conference will also include presentations on bilingual education and the campaign to stop a nuclear waste dump going ahead in the Northern Territory."

Indigenous Solidarity Rides 2010
5 Jul 10: "From June 30 to July 20 this year, the Indigenous Solidarity Rides will take over 40 people from NSW on a trip to Alice Springs to attend a convergence for Aboriginal rights."


- Background

Treaty Republic: Melbourne based New Way Aboriginal summit leads into NAIDOC week 2010

Treaty Republic: Aboriginal New Way Summit in Melbourne overview
Green Left: http://www.greenleft.org.au/node/44684

Treaty Republic: New Way Summit: Aboriginals to Retake Lands

- Discussion & Audio

Treaty Republic: New Way Summit Presentations with Audio downloads
Indymedia Australia: http://indymedia.org.au/2010/07/22/australia-a-crime-scene-and-undeclare...
22 Jul 10: "A selection of presentations from the 2010 Melbourne 'New Way' Aboriginal Summit - edited and presented by Diet Simon with the relevant audio file downloads included. ... Summit Presentations: Robbie Thorpe, Michael Anderson, Gary Foley, Len Cooper, Kevin Bracken, Geoff Clark. [and Nigerian High Commissioner Professor Olu Agbi] ... "
"You may use the audio any way you wish. It would be nice but not imperative to acknowledge film-maker Ellie Gilbert and me [Diet Simon] as the recordists."

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