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WGAR News: The Greens are calling it an attack on democracy: Interview with Greens Senator Larissa Waters: Mornings with Steve Austin, ABC Queensland

Newsletter date: 20 August 2015


* Audio Interview: Mornings with Steve Austin, ABC Queensland: The Greens are calling it an attack on democracy [featuring Queensland Greens Senator Larissa Waters]

* News Analysis: SBS News: Government's green law changes face broad opposition

* News Analysis: Peter Hannam, Sydney Morning Herald: Great Barrier Reef and other icons at risk from proposed law change: green groups

Transgender Medical Rights

Transgender medical rights, medical equality to access and care, the Informed Consent Model is best practise.


Transgender, what it means

1. Being transgender is NOT a psychiatric/mental health issue
2. Being transgender is NOT a sexual condition
3. Being transgender is NOTHING to do with sexual orientation
4. Being transgender IS A PHYSICAL problem


Why transition legislation is needed in Victoria

WGAR News: Storm in a Vegemite jar: Stephanie Convery, Overland literary journal

Newsletter date: 13 August 2015


* News Analysis: Stephanie Convery, Overland literary journal: Storm in a Vegemite jar

* About Overland:

* Audio: CAAMA Radio [and The Wire]: Vegemite Gate continues to gain attention [featuring Dr. Peter Aldred from Federation University in Melbourne]

(A-Radio) Interview: Week of solidarity with anarchist prisoners August 2015

As Anarchist Radio Berlin we talked with a prisoner support activist about the upcoming Week of solidarity with anarchist prisoners, who is promoting it and what it is about. For security reasons, this interview has been re-recorded using our own voices.