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     This week's show features stories from Radio Deutsche-Welle, Radio Havana Cuba, NHK Japan, and Spanish National Radio.
     From GERMANY- Finance Ministers from the Eurozone approved the latest round of bailout funds for Greece. The German government increased its estimate of asylum seekers this year to 800,000, many coming from Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan. There was a large bomb set off in Cairo, Egypt, just days after President Sisi ratified new laws restricting the media. In Brazil there were huge rallies calling for the impeachment of President Dilma Rousseff.
     From CUBA- In Brazil, supporters of President Rousseff have accused the right-wing of creating the impeachment rallies, and called for pro-Rousseff rallies beginning on Thursday. In Mexico human rights activists have been denied access to interview military soldiers who may have witnessed the disappearance of the 43 students last year. A Viewpoint Guantanamo prison which Cuba views as an illegal occupation of its territory- despite the opening of the US embassy in Havana, there are many issues unresolved between the two countries. More than 250 Palestinians being held in an Israeli prison have begun an open-ended hunger strike. NATO has launched massive military drills across Europe, the largest drill since the end of the Cold War.
     From JAPAN- Japanese defense forces have requested a record high budget for the next year, over $40billion. There is a continued warning of a volcanic eruption in southwestern Japan. A record number of Japanese were taken to hospital for heat stroke in July. Following the start up of a nuclear power plant last week in Japan, nuclear regulators are inspecting a second reactor for possible restart in November.Japan has filed a complaint with the WTO to force S Korea to drop its ban on fish products from 8 prefectures- the Koreans fear nuclear contamination from the Fukushima disaster. More on the new law in Egypt restricting media reports which contradict the government official accounts.
      From SPAIN- Spain has begun enforcing its so-called "Citizens Safety Law," better known as the "Gag Law." The law puts fines on protestors and critics of the police. Then the story of Chelsea Manning who remains in prison, and the dropping of charges against Julian Assange who remains in the Ecuadorian embassy in England.

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