Transgender Medical Rights

Transgender medical rights, medical equality to access and care, the Informed Consent Model is best practise.


Transgender, what it means

1. Being transgender is NOT a psychiatric/mental health issue
2. Being transgender is NOT a sexual condition
3. Being transgender is NOTHING to do with sexual orientation
4. Being transgender IS A PHYSICAL problem


Why transition legislation is needed in Victoria

1. Transgender persons have no legislated medical rights in Victoria and this has led to years of abuse of power by vested medical interests and harm to transgender persons.

These vested medical interests include Prahran Market Clinic, Northside Clinic, Psychiatrist Fintan Harte, Psychiatrist Jaco Erasmus, Monash Gender Dysphoria Clinic, and ANZPATH.

These vested medical interests arrogantly presume they have a right to decide if a transgender person receives medical care or not. They have no medical and no legal basis for this and are unaccountable with the harm they have been inflicting for many years on vulnerable and often desperate persons seeking medical care.

These vested medical interests think because they have graduated with a medical degree in some area, that they are qualified to judge transgender persons - they are not qualified, they are arrogant and self deluded. They are harming transgender persons.

2. Transgender persons need legislated medical rights so that they can determine the medical care they need. The best practise model is the "Informed Consent Model". This is where the transgender person is informed of medical options and then decides, giving consent for the medical care.

The Informed Consent Model needs to replace the Vested Medical Interests Model.

3. The Parliament of Victoria has a responsibility to transgender persons, to ensure that medical access is available without fear and intimidation, which the Vested Medical Interest Model works on.

I began advocating Transgender Medical Rights in 2014.

In 2014 the Victorian Liberal/National Government of Denis Napthine refused to stop the medical harm of transgender persons.

In 2014 and again into 2015 the Victorian Labor Government of Daniel Andrews also refused to stop the medical harm of transgender persons.

4. With transgender persons at the mercy of ruthless, self serving vested medical interests who think they know better and Governments who just don't care, it is a difficult time for transgender persons.

However, Transgender Medical Rights is a human rights matter and it will be achieved. Transgender medical equality will become a reality.

Chrisentiae Saint-Piaf


Monday 24 August 2015

I wish to acknowledge and thank Indymedia Australia for being the first media organisation to give voice to the cause for Transgender Medical Rights, Informed Consent Model.

In providing this voice, Indymedia Australia makes a difference, a positive difference, thank you.


Medical equality is a basic human rights issue and for persons who identify as being transgender, having medical support and access is essential.

Unfortunately there are Vested Medical Interests, predominately homosexuals, who have hijacked the rights of transgender persons to self determine medical outcome, the Informed Consent Model as cited per:

Australian Human Rights Commission, The Informed Consent Model.
source: page 46
Resilient Individuals: Sexual Orientation Gender Identity & Intersex Rights NATIONAL CONSULTATION REPORT 2015

It is ironic and sad that a group of people with a common denominator of being homosexual, who of all people should fight against discrimination and affirm self empowerment, are doing the greatest harm.

This medical harm of transgender persons needs to end, for transgender persons too ought to enjoy medical equality.

Promoting transgender medical harm is unacceptable, and that is exactly what Midsumma Festival does, as detailed here:

Homosexual Hypocrites