Renewable world by 2030

 Super-scientist Mark Jacobson from Stanford explains soot-causing warming - plus a way to run the world on clean energy by 2030.  Yes, it can be done technically.  But can we overcome the powers-that-be to do it socially?


We visit an Ultra-Mega coal power plant in India, ten times larger than U.S. stations.  It's already killing people. Of course, India is buying coal from Australia and Indonesia.  If the world's second-most populous country continues it's coal-building projects, we are all cooked.


India at COP19: Whatever Happened To Fair Play? It's Just not cricket

By Mim DiNapoli, photo by David Tong.

It was hardly a surprise to see India walk away from the Climate Action Network booth last night with a Fossil of the Day certificate tucked under one arm. Much like their performance in last Ashes test match against Australia, another high-ranking Fossil of The Day performer, other candidates were no match for India in blocking progress in negotiations.

Brutal gang-rape in India is a call to everyone, worldwide, to ensure changes

Gerry Georgatos - Inhumanity knows no bounds just as equal to humanity's limitlessness. Recently, in Pakistan a fourteen year old school girl was shot the in head by the Taliban for speaking up for the right of young girls to an education. They stopped the school bus bringing home the children and shot the young Malala. On March 31 a Ukranian teenager died after a brutal gang rape. On December 16 the ugliest inhumanity was broadcast to the whole world when a 23 year old physiotherapy intern was gang raped on a bus in Delhi.


Extreme weather: Cyclone Thane hits India killing 46

One of the last tragic extreme weather events of 2011 was Cyclone Thane hitting the Tamil Nadu coast of India. It caused 46 deaths and damaged buildings, roads and crops. It was the strongest tropical cyclone of 2011 within the North Indian Ocean.

HRA MEDIA RELEASE: CHOGM, a welcome mat to brutal human rights abusers.

HRA MEDIA RELEASE: CHOGM a welcome mat to brutal human rights abusers.

The Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in Perth during the last week of October will welcome various brutal human rights abusers. The capacity for the discovery of the truth is outstripped by the manifest of deceit.

Environmental and anti-globalisation activist awarded Sydney Peace Prize

Physicist, environmentalist and anti-globalisation activist Dr Vandana Shiva has been awarded the Sydney Peace Prize for 2010 for her commitment to social justice, her advocacy of human rights, empowerment of women, and her scientific contribution to environmental sustainability.

The City of Sydney Peace Prize lecture will be delivered by Vandana Shiva at the Sydney Opera House on November 3 followed by an award ceremony on November 4.