Fossil of the Day

India at COP19: Whatever Happened To Fair Play? It's Just not cricket

By Mim DiNapoli, photo by David Tong.

It was hardly a surprise to see India walk away from the Climate Action Network booth last night with a Fossil of the Day certificate tucked under one arm. Much like their performance in last Ashes test match against Australia, another high-ranking Fossil of The Day performer, other candidates were no match for India in blocking progress in negotiations.

COP19: Australia wins unprecedented fourth Fossil of the Day award for finance stance

While 30,000 people rallied for climate action in Melbourne, and an estimated 60,000 nationally at 130 events across Australia, it seems Australia has won an unprecedented fourth fossil of the day award in Warsaw for a statement that obligations for new, predictable and reliable finance from developed countries are “not realistic” and “not acceptable.”


Australia earns first rebuke by civil society at UN climate change talks

Australia had the dubious priveledge of earning the first Fossil of the Day award at the United Nations climate talks in Warsaw, Poland. Civil society organisations confer the awards each day of the climate talks, and have been doing so since 1999.

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