Time for a climate change: Dreams Or Numbers For Gender Equality?

By Cécile Schneider, photo by UNFCCC.

Tuesday’s UNFCCC ‘gender and climate change’ day was unconventional in many ways. In hosting the feature event, Christiana Figueres, executive secretary of the UNFCCC, did not ask panellists to talk about their countries’ achievements, their experiences of gender inequality or even their proposals.

Australia: The Empty Chair at the Climate Change talks in Warsaw

Yesterday, I stood in the queues for COP registration, fumbling around in my bag for my passports. My phone was beeping with notifications from Twitter about the typhoon in the Philippines. At that time, there were reports of over 10,000 dead — a terrifying number — which has since been confirmed. Reaching the desk, I paused to decide on which passport to hand over. British. After all, who wants to hail from a country that won’t even send government ministers to attend the negotiations?


Australia earns first rebuke by civil society at UN climate change talks

Australia had the dubious priveledge of earning the first Fossil of the Day award at the United Nations climate talks in Warsaw, Poland. Civil society organisations confer the awards each day of the climate talks, and have been doing so since 1999.

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