WGAR News: Charter of the United Nations does not apply to Australia, claims Qld lawyer in Euahlayi 'rates case': SU

Newsletter date: 13 May 2014


* Sovereign Union: Charter of the United Nations does not apply to Australia, claims Qld lawyer in Euahlayi 'rates case'

* Callum Clayton-Dixon, The Stringer: Treaties Are Agreements Between Equals
* Background to Treaties with Aboriginal Sovereign Nations of Australia

* Ray Jackson, Sovereign Union: ANZAC day: Black Diggers buck the given history of "white men's business"
* Annie Hastwell, The Wire: Tasmania's forgotten Black War [Featuring Dr Nicholas Clements]

Anzac Day 2014: A glorification of Australian imperialism

Reprinted from the WSWS By James Cogan 26 April 2014 Anzac Day 2014 saw the Australian population saturated with nationalist propaganda. With every organ of the mass media devoting itself to promoting the dawn services, the veterans’ marches, tales of soldiers’ sacrifices and heroism and the presence in Canberra of British royal couple, Prince William and his wife Kate, it was almost impossible to avoid.


WGAR News: Time to honour Aboriginal frontier warriors: Paul Newbury, Eureka Street

Newsletter date: 24 January 2014


* Paul Newbury, Eureka Street: Time to honour Aboriginal frontier warriors
* Catherine Armitage, Sydney Morning Herald: Tim Flannery in call to honour Aborigines killed in land wars
* Catherine Armitage, Sydney Morning Herald: Put indigenous warriors in war memorials: Flannery
* Geoff Page and Digby Habel, Canberra Times Letters: Nelson out of step in failure to honour Aboriginal warriors
* Michael Anderson, Sovereign Union: ANZAC Day - for those who served in all wars, conflicts and peacekeeping operations

WGAR News: Aboriginal deaths recalled at Canberra vigil: Biwa Kwan, SBS Radionews

Newsletter date: 27 April 2013


* SBS Radionews Audio: Aboriginal deaths recalled at Canberra vigil
* SBS Living Black Radio Remembers Our First Nations ANZACS, from two countries
* NITV News: Black Diggers Project brings Indigenous soldiers to the stage
* NITV News: Calls to better honour Indigenous soldiers
* SBS Radionews Audio: Recognising the role of Indigenous and Maori soldiers
* SBS Radionews Audio: Indigenous families in ANZAC Day march
* The Wire Audio: From the boxing ring to Gallipoli: Joe Murray's story

WGAR News: 'Gallipoli, Inc' helps the denial of genocide: David T. Rowlands, Green Left

Newsletter date: 25 April 2013


* David T. Rowlands, Green Left: 'Gallipoli, Inc' helps the denial of genocide
* Dean Ashenden, Canberra Times: Best we forget?
* Gerry Georgatos, The Stringer: The Killing Times
* Noah Riseman, WA Today: Our black history: lest we forget Aboriginal veterans
* Keeli Cambourne, Illawarra Mercury: Aboriginal Diggers 'couldn't even get a beer in a pub'
* The Stringer: Roger Cook gets it right, Governor wrong
* Richard Fotheringham, Australian: Inside the killing fields of Queensland
* NIRS: Australians urged to remember Indigenous diggers

Veterans group condemns hollow remembrance on ANZAC Day

"You do not honor the dead through mindless flag waving, rewriting history or promoting new wars," said Hamish Chitts, East Timor veteran and spokesperson for Stand Fast -- a group of veterans and former military personnel who oppose the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

ANZAC Day Statement from Melbourne Anarchist Communist Group

WAR IS HELL. Galllipoli, 1915. On 25 April, 1915, Australian, British and other imperialist troops landed on a Turkish beach. It was the beginning of a horrendous waste of human life in the Gallipoli campaign, which was itself a minor part of the larger waste of human life during World War I. Both sides in this war were reactionary imperialist alliances, fighting to re-divide the world in the struggle for colonies, resources and markets.


Efforts to undermine the nationalism and militarism of ANZAC Day continue

On 25th of April each year, Australia “celebrates” ANZAC Day. The day has become a chance to whip up nationalist fervour and to perpetuate the myth that Australian identity was formed during the carnarge of World War One. Instead of being a day to remember the victims of war it pushes the historical lie that “our freedoms” were won and protected by participating in a imperialist invasion of Turkey on behalf of “King and Country”. The myth serves helps to bolster our current involvement in imperialist wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere. However the peace movement and the left continue to try to undermine these militaristic efforts and mark ANZAC day differently by holding a range of peace and social justice events around Australia and by publishing articles in the alternative press that offer a counter historical view.


Veterans group calls for troops out of Afghanistan in lead up to ANZAC Day

Stand Fast Press release 22 April 2011 Australian based veterans group Stand Fast is calling on people to reject blind flag waving this ANZAC Day and to seriously question Australian support for the war in Afghanistan. The group stands against this war due to the impact on people living in Afghanistan, the price being paid by other foreign forces (especially the US) and the physical and psychological harm being done to Australian military personnel who people claim to be honouring on 25 April.


Simpson and his donkey: the radical truth

By Hamish Chitts

Anzac Day has long been less about remembrance of the people slaughtered in wars for Australia’s capitalist class and their foreign friends and more about creating a culture of blind nationalism and militarism. Particularly since the beginning of the “war on terror” in 2001, the deification of the digger, militarism and nationalism have been ramped up by the Howard, Rudd and Gillard governments.