Anzac Day 2014: A glorification of Australian imperialism

Reprinted from the WSWS By James Cogan 26 April 2014 Anzac Day 2014 saw the Australian population saturated with nationalist propaganda. With every organ of the mass media devoting itself to promoting the dawn services, the veterans’ marches, tales of soldiers’ sacrifices and heroism and the presence in Canberra of British royal couple, Prince William and his wife Kate, it was almost impossible to avoid.


Australian government plans to celebrate World War I

Reprinted from the World Socialist Website

By Oliver Campbell 14 January 2014

The Australian political establishment has outlined an unprecedented program of events, starting on August 4, 2014, to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the imperialist slaughter of World War I.


Peace groups attack defence white paper

Peace groups have condemned the Federal Government’s Defence White Paper (DWP), as a continuation of excessive military spending and continuation of outmoded thinking on defence and security.

“Billions will be spent on ships, submarines and planes as the current excessive military budget of over $26 billion a year or $67.5 million per day is increased to two per cent of GDP,” Denis Doherty from the Australian Anti-Bases Coalition said.


If you had $21.3 billion how would you waste it? Rally against war and waste on October 7

If you had $21.3 billion how would you waste it?

On ten years of increased military spending and wars in Iraq and Afghanistan?


On 32078 lollies for every child under 12 in Australia?


Efforts to undermine the nationalism and militarism of ANZAC Day continue

On 25th of April each year, Australia “celebrates” ANZAC Day. The day has become a chance to whip up nationalist fervour and to perpetuate the myth that Australian identity was formed during the carnarge of World War One. Instead of being a day to remember the victims of war it pushes the historical lie that “our freedoms” were won and protected by participating in a imperialist invasion of Turkey on behalf of “King and Country”. The myth serves helps to bolster our current involvement in imperialist wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere. However the peace movement and the left continue to try to undermine these militaristic efforts and mark ANZAC day differently by holding a range of peace and social justice events around Australia and by publishing articles in the alternative press that offer a counter historical view.


Simpson and his donkey: the radical truth

By Hamish Chitts

Anzac Day has long been less about remembrance of the people slaughtered in wars for Australia’s capitalist class and their foreign friends and more about creating a culture of blind nationalism and militarism. Particularly since the beginning of the “war on terror” in 2001, the deification of the digger, militarism and nationalism have been ramped up by the Howard, Rudd and Gillard governments.


100 countries back a ban on cluster bombs

The world moved a step closer to a complete ban on deadly Cluster Bombs this week with a new treaty coming into force, backed by 100 countries.

The decision is the culmination of a decade long fight to have the weapons banned because of the dramatic impact on civilian populations.

Current estimates suggest more than half a million people have been killed by cluster munitions.

Human rights groups say cluster bombs have a very similar impact to landmines and have no place in modern warfare.


ANZAC DAY – Glorifying war and empire

The annual orgy of nationalism and militarism known as ANZAC day has come around again and as usual is being used to justify our current imperialist military ventures and to whip up the patriotism of the young. Defence Minister John Faulkner gave a Dawn service speech from Afghanistan. Meanwhile over 300,000 people have joined a ANZAC day facebook page demonstrating how out of control the ANZAC “legend” has become in this country.