If you had $21.3 billion how would you waste it? Rally against war and waste on October 7

If you had $21.3 billion how would you waste it?

On ten years of increased military spending and wars in Iraq and Afghanistan?


On 32078 lollies for every child under 12 in Australia?

During the past ten years successive Australian governments have invested in a major expansion of Australia’s offensive military capacity and engaged in two destructive wars, all at an estimated cost of $21.3 billion in increased spending above 2001 levels (Age, 10/9//2011). The results of this have been disastrous with 29 Australian servicemen losing their lives alongside at least 137 000 Iraqi and Afghani civilians. Millions of refugees have been forced to flee both countries and despite all the talk of “war on terror” car bombings and terrorist style attacks on civilians have increased (Guardian, 14/9/2011). Although the waste and scams involved in the government’s insulation scheme were deplorable they pale into insignificance alongside those of the military. Investment in the Collins class submarines, most of which cannot even leave port, has been over $6 billion since 1989 (Australian, 15/9/2011) whilst projected spending on new NH-90 helicopters will top $3 billion despite German Army reports showing they have major defects (Sydney Morning Herald, 2/3/2010).

Spent properly $21.3 billion could have paid for:
15712 new school buildings
3 234 133 fully installed solar power systems
6 999 671 cataract operations
1 521 428 571 clean water filter jars for Cambodian villagers
88 750 000 000 meals for the Horn Of Africa

Imagine what further cuts to 2001 military spending levels could have also paid for?

• Join the rally against war and waste on the 10th anniversary of the invasion of Afghanistan.
5pm Friday October 7th,City Square (Corner Collins and Swanston Streets)
• Email Defense Minister Stephen Smith and let him know how you would have preferred the government to spend/waste $21.3 billion. Stephen.Smith.MP@aph.gov.au
• Get involved and support the following groups opposing war and inequality.
Renegade Activists

The Medical Association for Prevention of War (Australia)

Australian Anti-Bases Campaign Coalition



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