Ark Tribe found not guilty

The following text is from the CFMEU website:

The landmark Ark Tribe verdict was handed down this morning at Adelaide Magistrates Court, and he was found not guilty.

In a statement released immediately after the verdict, National Secretary of the CFMEU Construction and General Division, Dave Noonan, says the union is elated.

“We have been fighting this for 18 months, and this is terrific news for Ark and his family.

It proves what a shambles the ABCC is. A worker has been dragged through hell for what?


Ark Tribe back in court

Ark Tribe the South Australian Construction worker's trial started again today (July 20th) and was greeted once again with rallies around the country in solidarity. Ark is being tried for refusing to appear before the draconian ABCC introduced by Howard and kept by Rudd/Gillard. Ark was called before the ABCC for "illegally" entering a site to resolve an OHS dispute. The trial is expected to last for three days and the CFMEU has promised a campaign of industrial action in the spirit of the General Strike that greeted the jailing of Clary O'Shea in 1969.


Thousands rally in support of Ark Tribe and against ALP Building Commission

1500 people rallied in Adelaide outside the Magistrates court where Ark Tribe a CFMEU member faces possible jail time for defying the anti-worker Australian Building Construction Commission (ABCC). Other workers in Melbourne vigiled outside the offices of the ABCC overnight.


Unions fight Building Commission draconian powers and prosecution of Ark Tribe

Hundreds of building workers rallied in cities across Australia on Friday, October 30, in support of Adelaide construction worker Ark Tribe, who is charged with 'failing to attend to answer questions' at the Australian Building and Construction Commission (ABCC) about a stop-work meeting. The commission has the power to compulsory interrogate and impose fines and jail building workers who do not co-operate. A Jail term of up to 6 months could be imposed.