Ark Tribe found not guilty

The following text is from the CFMEU website:

The landmark Ark Tribe verdict was handed down this morning at Adelaide Magistrates Court, and he was found not guilty.

In a statement released immediately after the verdict, National Secretary of the CFMEU Construction and General Division, Dave Noonan, says the union is elated.

“We have been fighting this for 18 months, and this is terrific news for Ark and his family.

It proves what a shambles the ABCC is. A worker has been dragged through hell for what?

The Government must now recognise the Australian Building and Construction Commission to be a shambles and move to abolish it once and for all,” he said.

Ark Tribe is a rigger, who pointed out safety problems on a construction site in Adelaide, and was later called on to attend a secret interrogation with the ABCC.

The controversial ABCC has the power to coerce construction workers into secret interviews without legal representation of their choice – powers that exceed even those of ASIO.

For allegedly failing to comply with the interview process Mr Tribe was dragged through the courts for 18 months.



The ALP still wont get rid of the ABCC shame on them