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Community assembly underway at Swift Australia

Reprinted from the Workers Solidarity Network website. Striking cold store workers at Swift Australia voted against the latest in a string of condescending offers from management today, as Workers Solidarity Network members and union activists assembled at the site. The workers’ supporters blocked trucks throughout the day, sending a message to the company that endless stalling and bad-faith negotiation must end.Confident despite their five-week ordeal, the workers reminded those attempting to cross the picket that Swift cannot be allowed to set this precedent for the mistreatment of workers, and that ‘touch one, touch all’ applies now more than ever.


29 workers arrested at Visy in Dandenong- Solidarity Needed!

Around 500 Visy workers across Australia have been on strike since November 29th, 400 of them at the Visy plant in Dandenong. The strike has been over the workers demands that the company stop undermining their job security by forcing casual employment on workers at the factory, as part of latest round of enterprise bargaining. Visy has further angered the protestors by flying in an a scab workforce by helicopter to maintain production at the factory and by taking out injunction on individual workers this morning. Today saw a major escalation of the dispute with at least 29 people being arrested and charged with creating an undue obstruction and besetting the premises. One worker was injured when a truck run over his foot.
Update: Trades Hall has called for a community picket at 6AM at the site tommorow (Tuesday 13th December). Please try to make if it you can to show solidarity. Corner Greens Rd and Hammond Rd Dandenong
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Unions fight Building Commission draconian powers and prosecution of Ark Tribe

Hundreds of building workers rallied in cities across Australia on Friday, October 30, in support of Adelaide construction worker Ark Tribe, who is charged with 'failing to attend to answer questions' at the Australian Building and Construction Commission (ABCC) about a stop-work meeting. The commission has the power to compulsory interrogate and impose fines and jail building workers who do not co-operate. A Jail term of up to 6 months could be imposed.